The Mutant Returns: Nick Walker Shows Off His Titanic Back Ahead Of The 2024 New York Pro

 How Nick Walker Recovered From Injury And Built A Titanic Back For His Comeback At The 2024 New York Pro

Nick Walker is a professional bodybuilder who has won the New York Pro and the Arnold Classic in 2021 and placed third at the Mr. Olympia in 2022. He is known for his massive physique and nickname “The Mutant”. However, he had to withdraw from the 2023 Mr. Olympia due to a hamstring and calf injury that prevented him from competing at his best.

Walker has been recovering from his injury and preparing for his comeback at the 2024 New York Pro, scheduled for May 18, 2024. He has shared his current back workout on his YouTube channel, which consists of eight exercises that target different parts of his back muscles. He also revealed that he is following a Dorian Yates-style training split, which involves training each body part once a week with high intensity and low volume.

Walker said he expects to win the 2024 New York Pro “pretty clear” and does not care who else is competing. He said that he is treating this show as if he is re-qualifying for his first Olympia again and that he is not coming in with a big head. He also said that he decided to enter the New York Pro instead of waiting for a special invite from the Olympia because he wanted to earn his spot and prove himself again.

Walker’s fans eagerly await his return to the stage, hoping that he will display a titanic back that will impress the judges and the audience. Walker has already shown his potential as a top Olympia contender, and he is determined to overcome his injury setback and reclaim his status as one of the best bodybuilders in the world.

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