What Bodybuilder Sam Sulek Eats in a Day to Gain Muscle: 4,887 Calories of Simple Carbs, Protein, and Junk Food

Sam Sulek is a bodybuilder and fitness influencer who has gained popularity for his impressive physique and controversial diet. He recently revealed his winter bulking regimen, which consists of four meals totaling 4,887 calories. Here is a breakdown of what he eats in a day.

Meal 1: Chex Cereal and Milk

Sulek starts his day with a simple breakfast of three servings of Chex cereal and three cups of milk. He says that he prefers simple carbs in the morning and that he pays attention to the fat content of his food. He also mentions that he is not a fan of strict meal timing and that he focuses on his overall caloric intake.

Meal 2: Steak and Mashed Potatoes

Sulek’s pre-workout meal is a hefty one: a pound of steak and five servings of mashed potatoes. He says that he likes to eat pre-made food for convenience and that he loves steak. He also explains that he does not stress over missing meals and that he believes that calories are calories.

Meal 3: Chicken and Rice

Sulek’s post-workout meal is another classic bodybuilding staple: chicken and rice. He eats two pounds of chicken and four cups of rice, adding some barbecue sauce for flavor. He says that he likes to eat a lot of protein and carbs after training to replenish his muscles.

Meal 4: Ice Cream and Cookies

Sulek’s final meal of the day is a dessert of ice cream and cookies. He says that he has a sweet tooth and that he enjoys eating junk food as part of his bulking diet. He eats a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and six Oreos, adding up to 1,200 calories.

Sam Sulek’s winter bulking diet is not for the faint of heart. He consumes almost 5,000 calories a day, mostly from high-carb and high-fat foods. He says that he does not follow any strict rules or guidelines and that he eats whatever he wants as long as he hits his caloric goal. He also says that he does not care about what other people think of his diet and that he is happy with his results.

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