How Anton Ratushnyi Became the Youngest Classic Physique Pro at 19


Anton Ratushnyi, the youngest professional bodybuilder in the world, has become a sensation in the fitness world. He broke a rare record set by Arnold Schwarzenegger, by becoming the youngest person to earn a "pro card" at just 19 years old.

Anton Ratushnyi was born on January 10th, 2004, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He grew up in a family of athletes, as his father was a boxer and his mother a handball player. From an early age, Anton was interested in sports and fitness. At the age of just 15, he started to build his body, and within a few years, he became one of the most prominent figures in the bodybuilding industry.

Anton's dedication to fitness started when he was only 15 years old. He decided to take his physique into his own hands and began training for several hours every day. He immersed himself in the world of bodybuilding, tirelessly pushing himself to attain the perfect body.

It was this dedication and hard work that brought him into the limelight. Anton started competing in bodybuilding contests in 2019, where he won his first competition – the Italian show "NPC International". After this, he had his breakthrough in the industry, earning attention and admiration from bodybuilding enthusiasts worldwide.

Anton's big win came in 2023 when he took over as the world's youngest professional bodybuilder, breaking the 57-year-old record set by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Anton's physique is awe-inspiring, with his height of 5 feet 11 inches and weight of 245 lbs. His exceptionally shredded muscles attest to the countless hours he has spent working out and sticking to a strict diet. He's known for his unwavering dedication to his workout, even training through the pandemic's lockdown.

Anton Ratushnyi's strict schedules help him stick to his workout, which mainly focuses on his upper body; his chest, shoulders, arms, and back are his best assets. His workout routine is intense, as it features heavy training, supersets, and drop sets, but all these routines have helped him make significant gains in a short amount of time.

Beyond his impressive physique, Anton is a role model for many. He believes that bodybuilding is more than just a hobby or sport; it is a lifestyle. It requires commitment, discipline, and sacrifice, and that's what Anton strives to instill in his fan base worldwide.

Anton's journey to becoming the world's youngest professional bodybuilder has not been easy. He faced financial and physical struggles, doubted his abilities, and faced numerous obstacles along the way. However, his commitment, dedication, and willingness to push himself to his physical limits helped him overcome these challenges.

Today, Anton Ratushnyi is a household name in the world of bodybuilding. He has earned millions of followers on social media and continues to inspire his fans every day. His perseverance and hard work have cemented his place as one of the most remarkable and accomplished young talents in the world of fitness.

In conclusion, Anton Ratushnyi is a true inspiration to anyone who aspires to become a professional bodybuilder. His dedication to his craft, coupled with his impressive physique, has set him apart as one of the most promising young talents in the world of fitness. His story teaches us that with hard work, anything is achievable, and we can all achieve greatness if we commit ourselves to our goals and work tirelessly toward them.

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