The 2023 Mr. Olympia Awards Over $1.5 Million In Prizes: Here’s How Much Each Winner Got

Who Earned The Most At The 2023 Mr. Olympia? A Breakdown Of The $1.5 Million Prize Money Allocation

The 2023 Mr. Olympia contest held from November 2-5, awarded over $1.5 million in prize money across 11 divisions. The highly anticipated event drew the attention of fitness enthusiasts worldwide, eager to see who would walk away with the coveted titles and hefty cash rewards. Let's take a look at the breakdown of the prize money in each division.

In the main event, the winner of the Mr. Olympia division took home a staggering $50,000. The runner-up received $20,000, followed by the third-place finisher who secured $12,000. The fourth and fifth-place competitors earned $7,000 and $6,000 respectively.

The Men's Physique Olympia division saw a surprising turn of events, as Erin Banks, the defending champion, suffered a loss at the 2023 Legions Sports Fest Pro. This setback seemingly foreshadowed the outcome of the Mr. Olympia competition. The first-place finisher in this division pocketed $50,000, while the second-place competitor received $20,000. The third-place finisher walked away with $10,000, followed by the fourth and fifth-place competitors who earned $6,000 and $4,000 respectively.

Next up was the Classic Physique Olympia division, where Chris Bumstead aimed to earn his fifth title. His embodiment of the division's ideal physique impressed both the judges and the audience. For this achievement, he claimed the first-place prize of $50,000. Angela Yeo secured second place and a $20,000 reward. The third-place finisher, Alcione Barreto, received $12,000, followed by Sherry Priami and Natalia Kovaleva, who earned $7,000 and $6,000 respectively for their fourth and fifth-place finishes.

The Figure Olympia division showcased impressive performances, particularly by Cydney Gillon, who captivated the audience with her impeccable conditioning and symmetry. Her efforts paid off as she emerged as the winner. Jessica Reyes Padilla came in a close second, both earning $20,000 and $12,000 respectively. The fourth and fifth-place finishers, Cherish Richardson and Natalia Soltero, received $7,000 and $6,000.

Finally, in the Fitness Olympia division, expectations were high for a particular contestant who unfortunately suffered a knee injury. This unfortunate turn of events allowed Oksana Grishina to seize the opportunity and demonstrate her endurance and agility. Grishina overcame her injury from the previous year's Olympia and claimed the top prize of $50,000. Her competitors followed closely behind, with the second-place finisher receiving $20,000. The third, fourth, and fifth-place finishers earned $12,000, $7,000, and $6,000 respectively.

The 2023 Mr. Olympia prize money distribution highlighted the immense dedication and talent displayed by the competitors. With over $1.5 million at stake, the competition was intense, resulting in an exhilarating event for both the athletes and the fans. As the winners rejoiced in their triumph and the financial rewards that came with it, the competition set the stage for another thrilling year in the world of bodybuilding and

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