Nick Walker | How I Recovered From Hamstring and Calf Injuries | Tips and Tricks by Fixed by KG!

 Nick Walker Steps into Road to Recovery with Fixed by KG!

In a recent video update from the professional bodybuilder, Nick Walker shared that he is recovering after suffering from a hamstring and calf injury. Making his wellness journey public, he is seen visiting Karen AKA Fixed By KG, a well-known therapist based in Las Vegas.

The Road to Wellness

Karen's recovery lounge, Fixed by KG, is hailed as the hub of bodybuilders in the game. Top professionals such as Jen, Rean, and Heed Yisha, among others, have reportedly found therapeutic comfort in her hands. Known for her exceptional work ethic and unique approach, Karen is considered the best in Vegas by Nick Walker himself.

Target Areas

Addressing her approach towards Nick's recovery, Karen shared that she would focus mainly on his calf and the hamstring. Though the full plan needs to be clarified in the video, she mentioned the possibility of massage techniques alongside others, depending on the severity and stage of the injuries.

Injury Assessment

Walker narrates that he began experiencing the difficulties two days before flying out to Las Vegas, initially starting as a pull that gradually became agonizing. Displaying his progress, the bodybuilder showed how the swelling has visibly moved and reduced, which Karen confirmed is a good sign as the fixated tension has begun to disperse.

Therapeutic Techniques

Karen relied on multiple therapeutic exercises including Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) which, according to her, increases circulation, decreases inflammation, and jolts negative cells back into positive, essentially provoking healing. Additionally, she also used cupping therapy to manage the inflammation.


Nick Walker reports considerable progress after the session, feeling loosened up and less stiff. The swelling in his calf has subsided considerably, and his leg structure looks closer to normal. Nick is hopeful and committed to swift recovery, stating his readiness to use any method to speed up his rehabilitation process.

"Get your back in here sooner than later," Karen advises as she signs off from the session with Walker. Their collaboration is one to watch, the groundwork for potential breakthroughs in sports injury management.

For updates on Nick Walker's recovery journey, avid followers are encouraged to continue watching his space.

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