How Hadi Choopan’s physique and performance changed from 2022 to 2023

 Exciting Revelation: Why Hadi Choopan Lost His Mr. Olympia Title in 2023!

In a startling turn of events, the fitness world was taken by surprise as Hadi Choopan, the reputed title holder, came second to Derek Lunsford at the 2023 Mr. Olympia event. The question on everyone's lips has been: "Why did Hadi Choopan lose his title?" Here is a comprehensive report dissecting the factors that might have led to this unexpected outcome.

Chasing Mr. Olympia's Crown: A Comparative Analysis

When comparing Hadi Shupin 2022 and 2023, at first glance, Hadi does appear bigger and more separated especially in terms of his chest muscles and delts. However, there seems to have been a couple of alterations that were not seen last year.

The Unseen Possible Factors

Focus Area 1: It's plausible that some love handle area was observed indicating a hint of thickness that was not there before. This minor shift in physique, despite Hadi looking larger overall, could have tipped the scales against him.

Area of Change2022 (Previous year)2023 (Current Year)
Love HandlesNot apparentSlightly thicker

Focus Area 2: A keen eye might notice that Hadi's right bicep appears smaller than it did last year, similar to his tricep. This year, the right arm seems a bit tinier than his left - a negative change that could have factored into his loss.

Area of Change2022 (Previous year)2023 (Current Year)
Right Bicep and Tricep SizeBiggerSmaller

The Big Reveal: The Final Test

The final poses could have been the deciding factor. Hadi, projecting more predominance in his vacuum pose, did yield mixed results when it came to his right arm and the triceps. The side triceps pose might have been the deal breaker as it was unimpressive compared to last year.

Conditioning Issues and What Could Have Been!

Another possible reason for Hadi losing his title could be related to his conditioning. His glutes and hamstrings appeared not as tight as they were in the prejudging - a regressive change from last year's finals.

Area of Change2022 (Previous year)2023 (Current Year)
Glutes and hamstring tightnessMore TightLess Tight

Lastly, the otherwise unnoticed region of "love handles" seemed less slender than last year. Hadi's waistline did appear slightly larger, which is a weakness when competing against a rival like Derek Lunsford, who boasts an almost non-existent waistline.

The Synthesis of Speculations

Summing up, it seems Hadi's lost title could be chalked up to a variety of reasons - notably his physical conditioning, possible physique transformation, and, as some speculate, the unwelcome impact of 'politics' in the competition. However, this result does not undermine Hadi Choopan's immense talent and dedication. The fitness world awaits with bated breath to see how he will bounce back in the following years!

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