What Samson Dauda Does to Train His Shoulders and Abs 1.5 Weeks Out from Mr Olympia 2023

 Mr. Olympia 2023 Series: Samson Dauda's Intense Shoulder and Abs Workout Just 1.5 Weeks Out

In the highly competitive world of bodybuilding, one name, Samson Dauda, has been capturing the attention of enthusiasts all over the globe. As we count down the days to the highly anticipated Mr. Olympia 2023, Samson's preparation and grueling training regimen have been nothing short of inspiring. With just 1.5 weeks remaining, Samson switched gears and recently focused on an intense shoulder and abs workout.

The Impact of Dauda's Training

Samson Dauda regularly shares his training sessions with the online community, providing a glimpse of the demanding preparation that goes into the making of a potential Mr. Olympia. Over the past week, he shifted his training focus toward shoulder sessions. Such sessions form an integral part of muscle training, promising an impressively shaped physique. An engrossing video captured Samson during his last shoulder session held in the UK before embarking on his journey to Orlando.

A key focus was on Dauda's upcoming session, referring to it as "the last session we get done here in the UK before flying now to Orlando this weekend." He further expressed, that next week's sessions would lean more towards 'pump sessions,' compared to the full training sessions currently underway.

Addressing Challenges and Stepping Forward

Being a bodybuilding contender invites a fair share of challenges. Acknowledging this, the bodybuilder candidly admitted his struggle to peel off anything that's left and get the physique to the point where it's ready to be on stage. Despite the struggles, his unwavering determination stands out, drawing focus to the minutiae that he believes is critically influential in bringing everything together.

Spotlight on The Supplement Line

While the physical training is an undoubtedly visible aspect of Samson's journey to Mr. Olympia 2023, he also brought attention to his signature supplement line. Admitting that owning a supplement line was a dream come true, he introduced the Roaring grape flavor, officially available on the Hostile website. The supplements, particularly the featured product, "Blood Shot," offer support during low-carb stages of a workout, promoting better blood flow and muscle function, aiding the intensive training sessions.


As the countdown to Mr. Olympia 2023 continues, spectators eagerly anticipate Samson Dauda's performance. Through the shared glimpses of intense training sessions, the determination and struggle of the potential Mr. Olympia is clearly visible. His admirable journey encourages many, while his evolving training methods and outlining overarching strategies continue to inspire bodybuilders worldwide. As he departs from the UK to Orlando for the final leg of preparation, his supporters remain enthusiastic and hopeful, looking forward to witnessing an impressive performance at the upcoming Mr. Olympia 2023.

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