Wesley Vissers: Dubai Gym Experience and Cheat Meals

Wesley Vissers, an accomplished bodybuilder, recently concluded his training trip to Dubai, where he experienced an epic gym and indulged in some delicious cheat meals. Vissers documented his final day in Dubai in an online video, showcasing his intense workout and post-workout meals.

Vissers began his workout with a focus on his legs, performing various exercises to pump blood into the muscles and activate growth. He incorporated movements such as the leg press and pendulum squats to target different areas of the legs, ensuring maximum stimulation without relying on heavy weights.

After the leg workout, Vissers moved on to targeting his glutes with a unilateral leg press exercise. He explained the importance of stretching the glutes and maintaining proper form to maximize the effectiveness of the movement.

Following the glute-focused exercise, Vissers attempted an inner thigh movement using a machine that proved to be uncomfortable. Despite the awkwardness, he persisted in targeting this muscle group, which he considers a weak point.

To complete his workout, Vissers performed a leg extension using a prime machine, which allowed for maximum tension at the bottom of the movement. By manipulating the machine, Vissers was able to push past failure and experience a deeper stretch, resulting in increased stimulus for muscle growth.

After the workout, Vissers enjoyed a high-protein post-workout shake before indulging in a cheat meal at a sushi restaurant in the Dubai Mall. He chose the restaurant based on high ratings and proximity and relished the delicious flavors of various sushi rolls.

Throughout his trip, Vissers reflected on the progress he has made in bodybuilding, specifically noting improvements in his leg development and overall proportions. He mentioned that his legs are no longer a weak point and that they are now in proportion with his upper body.

Vissers also expressed excitement for the upcoming Mr. Olympia competition, which is five weeks away at the time of the video. He talked about his plans to continue training hard and perfecting his physique for the event, with a particular focus on showcasing his shredded condition.

Upon returning home to the Netherlands, Vissers resumed his meal-prepping routine, prioritizing lean proteins and vegetables to stabilize his weight and prepare for the next phase of his training. He emphasized the importance of getting back into the routine after a cheat meal and prioritizing protein and vegetable intake.

In conclusion, Wesley Vissers had an incredible gym experience in Dubai, engaging in intense workouts and enjoying cheat meals to fuel his progress in bodybuilding. With the Mr. Olympia competition on the horizon, Vissers is determined to bring his best physique to the stage, armed with newfound knowledge and experience gained from his time in Dubai.

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