The Fitness Phenomenon of Park Seong-yong, the World’s Strongest Cop

Park Seong-Yong: The Man Who Turned His Passion for Fitness into a Career in Law Enforcement

A commendable figure in both the bodybuilding and police communities, 박성용 (Park Sung Yong), a 42-year-old police officer in South Korea, has demonstrated a unique blend of service and strength. For four years, Park Sung Yong has not only maintained law and order as a policeman but also produced donor calendars featuring robust police officers to aid child abuse victims. His dedication to both roles does not stop here; he has recently gained significant attention for flaunting his impressive physique in the popular health magazine 'MuscleMag.'

Park Sung Yong, currently an officer at the Yeongdeungpo Police Station, has been an experienced participant in bodybuilding contests since June 2013. His superior bodybuilding abilities earned him two gold and two silver medals, solidifying his standing among fans and experts in the sport.

The inspiring journey of Park Sung Yong in 'MuscleMag' this November. Under the auspices of health supplement firm Sports Max and social media giant Facebook, Park Sung Yong showcased his beautifully sculpted muscles, garnering attention and adulation from supporters. The three-day event witnessed an astounding 70,000 views, mirroring the significant interest in the athlete-turned-police officer.

Park Sung Yong's dedication isn't only to his career and bodybuilding. The cover of the December issue of ‘MuscleMag’ featured a couple of photoshoots by athlete Jang Jae Sung who just won the grand prize at the 1st Muscle Mania Asia Championship held last September. This issue is packed with the workout methods and effective diet secrets of these bodybuilders that many aspire to emulate.

Moving forward, the first 300 people to purchase the December issue of 'Muscle Mag' from bookstores nationwide will receive a handsome bodybuilder calendar (worth 15,000 won).

Park Sung Yong’s commitments to the community as a police officer, paired with his passion for bodybuilding, have indeed made him a unique figure in South Korea. His achievements extend beyond his individual capacities, contributing to society by supporting child abuse victims and inspiring many with his discipline and bodybuilding tips.

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