The Bodybuilding Legend Larry Wheels Gets Outperformed by Rubiel, the NECKZILLA

 Rubiel, the NECKZILLA Emerges from the Shadows - Sets New Standard for Bodybuilders Worldwide

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Renowned bodybuilder, Larry Wheels, was left awestruck in a recent high-intensity training session with Rubiel, the soon-to-be frontrunner of the Mr. Olympia title. Known for his out-of-this-world physique, Rubiel has been dubbed as the 'NECKZILLA'. In just 5 years of entering the weight room, Rubiel has achieved an unbelievable transformation, his natural prowess further highlighted during his workout session with Wheels.

NECKZILLA's astonishing physique leaves spectators and competitors equally stunned

With his 31-inch neck circumference, Rubiel has dwarfed every competition, including Larry Wheels, although he admitted, "I'm surprised I even had the courage to wear shorts next to him".

Measure Larry Wheels (Inches) Rubiel aka NECKZILLA (Inches)
Neck 20 31

Revolutionizing Bodybuilding Techniques

NECKZILLA’s innovative training approach, focusing on technique over power, has left onlookers fascinated.

Rubiel who weighs over 138kg, ensures engaging in multiple warm-up sets to avoid injuries. His training is a mix of Hypertrophy and Strength Training, with detailed attention paid to form, tempo, and rest periods.

With Rubiel's meticulous workout plan, it’s no surprise that his muscle gain trajectory sees no signs of slowing down. Within six years, the monstrous muscle man increased his weight by an astonishing 20 kilos, without an ounce of fat gain.

Dreaming of the USA

Apart from his ultimate dream of earning the title of Mr. Olympia, Rubiel also harbors the ambition of relocating to the USA to further pursue his bodybuilding career. With his unmatched dedication and raw talent, Rubiel is set to redefine the landscape of bodybuilding in the years to come.

Note to Readers

Stay tuned to see what new landmarks Rubiel aka NECKZILLA sets in the world of bodybuilding. Will his astounding neck size set new standards? Or will his innovative techniques revolutionize current bodybuilding paradigms? Whatever comes, one thing is certain; Rubiel, the NECKZILLA, is a force to reckon with!

Larry Wheels and the bodybuilding world eagerly anticipate his impending rise up the ranks. From workout enthusiasts to professional bodybuilders, everyone has their eyes trained on Rubiel, the new titan in town.

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