Sam Sulek’s Back Workout and Diet Plan at 234.3 Lbs

On the 36th day of his fall cut, proper nutrition was a key part of fitness enthusiast Sam Sulek's day as much as his back and rear delt workout. Sam, weighing 234.3 lbs, chose to share his journey with his audience to provide insights into his lifestyle and diet during this challenge.

Throughout the day, Sam focused on a flexible approach to his diet, balanced with a rigid workout regimen. His day began with assembling sandwiches made from an entire packet of deli turkey meat. The sandwiches also contained mustard and low-fat mayonnaise - the only other two ingredients. He preferred this simple, protein-packed meal to fuel his strength and nourish his body.

For his workout, Sam focused on developing his back and rear delts. Despite feeling his glutes from his previous leg day, Sam's regime included a balance of rows, pull-downs, and pullovers. His enthusiasm for weight training drives him to push his limits, vigorously burning out to failure.

Post-workout, Sam replenished his body with top-round steak. This protein-rich food source contributed 50 grams of protein and 15 grams of fat to his daily intake. His total daily caloric intake reached approximately 2500, perfectly within his macro goals for weight loss.

Aside from regular workouts and a strictly maintained diet, Sam also consumed zero-calorie drinks to stay hydrated without adding to his calorie count. Vitamins meticulously prepped in advance are also an important part of his routine, proving his commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

On his fall-cut journey, Sam advocates for personal responsibility. Being accountable for your diet and exercise is crucial to achieving fitness goals. He emphasizes that calculating intake can determine progress effectively. However, a mind-over-matter attitude is what he credits for success - Sam believes in enjoying the process rather than viewing it as control.

This 36th day will not be the last for Sam. He plans to continue this level of caloric intake and relentless training for at least three more weeks. As he crosses each day off, his determination remains undeterred, making his Fall cut a fascinating journey to follow.

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