Professional Bodybuilder Justin Shier Prepares for Olympia Debut

New York, October 27, 2022 - Professional bodybuilder and HD Muscle athlete, Justin Shier, launched the final week of his training regimen for his upcoming debut at the esteemed Mr. Olympia competition. Training and documenting his journey from his home base gym, he strategically adjusted his routine to fit in with his impending travel to Orlando for the competition, taking place on November 3rd.

Traditionally incorporating a mid-week rest day into his regimen, Shier indicated that he skipped this training break leading up to the competition. To make up for the adjusted schedule, the fitness professional meticulously interspersed training sessions targeting his upper body, focusing on shoulders, chest, and arms exercises. Shier stated, “Being a week out, I'm just going to primarily focus on getting a pump. I'm not going to be trying to set PRs; I'm not going to be pushing loads too heavy."

The experienced athlete noted that priorities include nutrient-packed meals and targeted effort to ready his body to be competition fit. The aim of his training was to drive his nutritional intake to the right parts of his body, using a philosophy of 'work, feed, build’.

With the final training sessions at the home base complete, Shier is set to fly out to Orlando. Being conscious about his body’s needs and the looming competition, he said, “I'll do cardio in the morning, and then we'll train Sunday through Wednesday, Thursday off. Friday night we're on stage."

Shier’s training session includes various workouts including the Arsenal Strength lateral raise, pyramiding sets with shorter rest periods, machine presses, compression sets with rear delt fly, and lateral raise. He also incorporated secondary arm training exercises to end his training session, emphasizing a push for pump and blood flow.

Shier's devotion to maintaining a healthy fitness regime and balanced diet resonated through his words while he navigated the intricacies of his training strategy. He thanked his sponsors, HD Muscle trained by JP, as well as his fans for their ongoing support. Before wrapping up his training session at the home base, he said, “I feel so fortunate and lucky to be able to do this, to share this with you guys, and to have your support."

More updates from the much-anticipated Mr. Olympia competition and Shier's journey will follow after he arrives in Orlando.

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