Learn from Sam Sulek: How to Cut Fat and Build Muscle in Your Chest and Side Delts


Sam Sulek, a renowned fitness influencer, has recently shared his unique routine for a chest and side delt workout, demonstrating how to maximize the effectiveness of each session.

Sulek's workout, which was completed in 35 minutes, focused on the Incline Smith, cable press, and Pec Deck for solid chest pumps. In addition, he cleverly mixed up the side delt movements for optimum results. Notably, he emphasized the importance of mind-muscle connection for a successful routine, challenging his followers to understand and utilize their anatomy to enhance their own workouts.

Sulek's approach to lateral raise combination training was meticulous, involving four distinct movements. He emphasized the importance of controlled form, citing it as significant for a productive training session. Encouraging a mixture of free weights and machines, Sulek illustrated the potential benefits of their combination, such as exerting oneself more at the end of a set on a machine.

One of Sulek's core philosophies is flexibility in the treatment of the aesthetics and format of a workout. He encourages his followers to "stimulate the muscle," advocating that a successful workout is mainly about "solid pumps and long-term noticeable results," rather than following a rigid, idealized workout.

Throughout his routine, Sulek underlined the value of focusing on the session at hand, rather than being distracted by external factors. He notably avoids checking out his pump until the end of the session, promoting a reward system that keeps the process exciting.

Sulek plans to continue his fitness journey with cardio exercises at Planet Fitness and incorporating healthier nutrition choices, like ground beef with fat-free cheese. He also stresses the value of still working out despite busy schedules, highlighting his plans for his back and rear delt workout. This next workout could either be a home gym lift or potentially at Planet Fitness.

By sharing his unique, practical, and flexible workout routines, Sam Sulek has become a beacon of inspiration and motivation for fitness enthusiasts. His recent chest and side delt routine not only exhibits his passion for fitness but also provides insights into his successful, balanced approach to working out.

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