How to Get Shoulders Like Chris Bumstead | 2 Weeks Out from the Olympia

 Chris Bumstead's Intense Shoulder Pump With Just 2 Weeks Until The Olympia

In the final stretch to the most prestigious bodybuilding competition, The Olympia, the renowned Canadian bodybuilder Chris Bumstead's preparations are in full swing. As part of his training regimen, he recently harnessed an intensive shoulder workout to strengthen his physique.

In a recent video update on his YouTube channel, Chris talked about his fitness routine, revealing, "It's leg day, it's kind of hamstring back day, it's not really quad day, but it's going to be a good day." He also expressed excitement about making a delicious pre-workout drink, a mix of essential pre-blue raspberry, raw pump lemonade, and some pump squares. This blend not only delivers an unforgettable taste but also provides a much-needed energy boost, encompassing vital ingredients like citrulline and beta-alanine, which are known to amplify workout performance.

Bumstead's training was made even better with the assistance of his friend Axel, who provided both moral and physical support during their sessions. Axel's presence put Chris back in "simple bodybuilding" mode, allowing him to disconnect from business concerns and solely focus on preparing for the Olympia.

While emphasizing the importance of a well-balanced diet, Bumstead also talked about cycling carbohydrates to manage his energy levels. He noted how a "high carb day" energized him significantly, even resulting in increased productivity in other areas of his life.

Contrastingly, he discussed his experience on low-carb days when he felt drained and disconnected. The Olympia contender expressed the importance of understanding these ups and downs and accepting them as part of the journey, without making hasty decisions. He concluded this thought with a thought-provoking quote, "You are going to suffer if you believe that the way things are shouldn't be the way that they are".

In other lighter moments from the video, Bumstead shared some recent online shopping experiences, his increasing fascination with kicks, game console updates, and even a comic aside about a dubious Jersey order from a fake website.

Bumstead concluded the session by thanking Axel for his presence during the training, and his loyal YouTube-based fans. "It's been really good having him, reminding me of the good old [__] days... it was really good to train with him; it kind of put me in a great mindset."

As Chris Bumstead approaches The Olympia, his preparation is dialing towards perfection, showcasing the perfect blend of discipline, dedication, endurance, and positivity.

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