How Neck-Zilla Shook the IFBB with His Jaw-Dropping Guest-Posing

 Nick's Strength and Power recently highlighted the trajectory of bodybuilder Rubiel Moscara, better known as "Nextzilla", in a video. Building his career from the IFBB Elite Pro League, Nextzilla has notably decided to revert to amateur status to compete in the NPC and earn his IFBB Pro card. Moscara, distinguishable by his impressive 20-inch neck, has won several competitions including the South American championships multiple times. Furthermore, his placement in the Mr. Universe and 2022's Mr. Europe further bolstered his reputation.

Nextzilla's transition to the NPC echoes the path of Michael Crizo, another high-profile pro bodybuilder who made the leap from IFBB Elite to the NPC. However, while Moscara showcases an overall unorthodox physique, including standout parts like his legs, traps, and neck, Crizo is touted for a more complete and balanced bodybuilding package. His elite transition is expected to enrich the NPC, given his impressive physique and social media following.

Although Moscara's trajectory for topping Olympus isn't as concrete as Crizo's, his potential as a mass monster and his towering stage presence at 511 and nearly 300 lbs indicate he will be an impactful addition when he makes his IFBB pro debut. As such, bodybuilding spectators should keep an eye on Moscara in the coming year.

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