Greg Doucette Claims Shizzy Isn't "All-Natural" Despite Coach's Claims

In an impassioned revelation online, expert bodybuilder and fitness coach, Greg Doucette, spoke out regarding the controversial fitness celebrity, Shizzy. Doubting Shizzy's claims about his all-natural status, Doucette scrutinizes the inconsistencies in Shizzy's supposed natural muscle growth.

Doucette Doubts Shizzy's All-Natural Claim

Despite Shizzy's coach attempting to deflect Doucette's observations by attributing it to the trainer's irregular nutritional habits or tobacco usage, Douc was not convinced.

"Shizzy claims to be natural, but the numbers don't add up," says Doucette, who strongly believes that Shizzy's rapid muscle development amidst fluctuating video likes couldn't possibly be a result of natural training alone.

Blood Test Analysis Allegedly Proves Doucette's Claims

The assertion came after Doucette allegedly conducted an analysis of a blood test conducted on Shizzy. Doucette noted that while Shizzy's results indicated normal testosterone levels, which would suggest the fitness celebrity was not using anabolic steroids, the results provided red flags including a high Leutenizing Hormone (LH) level, which potentially indicates the use of a post-cycle therapy (PCT) to normalize testosterone production post-steroid use.

Shizzy's Lifestyle to Blame?

Although Doucette admits Shizzy's coach made some possible explanations, such as nicotine usage and dietary habits, to explain some of the irregularities in the fitness star's lab results, Douc doesn't buy it.

"If it's the nicotine that's causing this, do you know how unhealthy Shizzy really is?" Doucette challenged. He also commented on Shizzy's mention of consuming 6000 calories a day which exceeds what most Mr Olympia competitors consume.

Public Appeals for Health

Regardless of whether or not Shizzy is truly all-natural, Doucette's main concern is the potential health risks associated with the fitness star's habits, issuing a heartfelt appeal to his fans and viewers: "If you're abusing steroids, if you're abusing nicotine, please stop both. Go see a doctor."

Public Awaiting Shizzy's Response

Meanwhile, the public and Doucette's fans wait to see if Shizzy, who recently gained 10 lbs. within a month, will take Doucette's observations or advice on board and make the necessary lifestyle changes for his health.

The debate over Shizzy's all-natural status continues to raise global conversations about the importance of ethical practices in bodybuilding, the potential health risks associated with shortcut methods, and the significant influence fitness celebrities have over the fitness community. This incident underlines the urgency for more transparency, advocacy for healthy practices, and public information about the reality and misconceptions in bodybuilding.

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