Derek Lunsford’s Chest and Triceps Workout Routine | What He Does Before Hitting the Gym | 6 Days Out from the 2023 Mr. Olympia

Derek Lunsford Undeniable Focus towards 2023 Mr. Olympia - Shares His Pre-Workout Routine and Chest & Triceps Workout

Renowned bodybuilder, Derek Lunsford, gears up for the coveted 2023 Mr. Olympia, with a meticulously planned pre-workout routine and dedicated chest and triceps workout. Official online sources attest to his relentless focus on the event, which is six days away from today.

Lunsford unveiled his daily routine, presenting a glimpse of the holistic regime that he follows for this high competitivity championship. He began his day with meal 3 of the prescribed diet, treating himself to a robust serving of 7 ounces of chicken paired with 270g of rice. This concoction diligently weighed out, delivers approximately 75g of carbohydrates.

The components of this meal are received in bulk - a mixture of proteins, including chicken, beef, salmon, cod, and more, accompanied by carbohydrates from rice. Lunsford took caution to explain the need for a safe and healthy diet without compromising the taste.

For a pre-workout dish, Lunsford delighted in 7 ounces of salmon with an addition of 270g of rice. He also prepared his post-workout meal, including 50g of carbohydrates from 180g of rice, supplemented by cod.

The workout session testified to his sheer determination and robust stamina. Derek focused on chest and triceps exercises, coupled with the wisdom from Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino boxing legend, that training arduously makes the fight seem easy. The videos show Derek doing multiple sets of various chest and triceps exercises, pushing through the strain with intense drive.

Drinking two scoops of 3D pre-workout drink before leaving for the gym, he refueled his body post-workout with an AQ drink. Apart from his strict diet and workout regime, Derek also indulged in tanning and abs exercises, further fine-tuning his body for the event.

Derek Lunsford's pre-workout regimen and chest and triceps training speak volumes of his staunch commitment to his sport. A model of discipline and hard work, Lunsford stands as a poignant testament to the painstaking effort required to compete at the elite level, such as the Mr. Olympia championship. With six days left, the countdown has begun, and expectations run high.

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