Bodybuilder Derek Lunsford Shares Morning Routine and Meal Plans Ahead of the 2023 Mr. Olympia

Fitness enthusiasts across the globe eagerly followed along as professional bodybuilder Derek Lunsford shared an intimate glimpse into his rigorous training routine a week before the prestigious 2023 Mr. Olympia competition.

The 2023 competitor delineated his meticulous morning ritual to viewers, offering insight into the dedication and discipline indispensable for an Olympian. The routine involves daily weighing and video recording sessions for his trainer, Hany; Lunsford wakes up, uses the bathroom, weighs himself, and poses while recording a video, which is subsequently sent to Hany, documenting his vital statistics and physical form.

Regimentation and foresight are key in Lunsford's routine. His coach typically advises him on the following day's activities to optimize performance based on his weight. Depending on his weight, Lunsford may be instructed to do cardio, eat more food, or forego cardio altogether.

However, the focus of Lunsford's regimen isn't limited to training and cardio. Nutrition and diet play a focal role in his fitness regime. The competitive bodybuilder meticulously plans each meal, which ranges from eggs for breakfast to servings of cod, chicken, and red potatoes, tailored to his body's needs.

His precise diet is supplemented by a host of probiotics and supplements like EvoZymes, to assure proper nutrition and boost digestion. He relies on bulk deliveries of protein sources like cod, chicken, and beef, as well as complex carbs like yams, red potatoes, and rice.

Seven days to the grand event, Lunsford revealed his anticipation mixed with disciplined calm. Despite the intense fitness regime, he shared that this year’s journey to Mr. Olympia has been smoother than previous years. His strategy circles around understanding the plan laid out by his coach, executing it to perfection, and not getting swayed by personal desires or comfort.

An interesting aspect of his daily regime seemed to be his discretion regarding rest days. While some athletes appreciate the downtime, Lunsford stated his discomfort during rest days, as he prefers the structure and rhythm that training provides.

On the horizon of the Mr. Olympia competition, Lunsford's routine signals extreme focus and determination. As footnotes to his narrative, he also unveiled his latest merchandise on his official website, dedicated to his faith and motivation.

Lunsford’s insights serve as a motivating portrait of struggle and dedication, offering both fitness enthusiasts and awaiting fans a detailed look into the relentless pursuit of excellence behind the scenes of the renowned Mr. Olympia competition. 

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