Who Are the Tren Twins and How Old Are They? A Look at Their Fitness Journey and Controversies

 Tren Twins Age: How Old Are The Tren Twins?

The Tren Twins are a pair of fitness influencers who have gained a lot of attention for their muscular bodies and intense workouts. They share their fitness journey and tips on their YouTube and TikTok accounts, where they have millions of followers. But who are the Tren Twins, and how old are they?

The Tren Twins are actually named Michael and Christian Gaiera. They are twin brothers who were born on April 2, 2001, making them both 22 years old as of the current date12They were raised in The Bronx, New York City, and were former high school football players before they decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry3.

The Tren Twins started their YouTube channel in July 2020, and since then, they have uploaded more than 70 videos, mainly featuring their weight training sessions and nutrition advice. Some of their most popular videos include “ATTEMPTING RICH PIANAS 8 HOUR ARM DAY”, “HOW TO GET BIGGER ARMS”, and “ATTEMPTING TOM PLATZ INSANE LEG DAY”. Their YouTube channel has over 600,000 subscribers and more than 40 million views2.

The Tren Twins are also very active on TikTok, where they post short clips of their workouts, challenges, and funny moments. They often use the hashtag #trentwins to promote their content. Their TikTok account has more than 1.1 million followers and over 30 million likes2.

The Tren Twins have a distinctive split that they follow for their training. They divide their body into four parts: chest, back, legs, and arms. They train each piece twice a week, with one heavy day and one light day. They also do cardio and abs every day. They claim that this split helps them to maximize their muscle growth and strength1.

The Tren Twins have also participated in bodybuilding competitions, such as the NPC Eastern USA Championships in November 2020, where they placed third and fourth in the men’s physique category. They have also partnered with Huge Supplements, a company that sells various fitness products, such as pre-workouts, fat burners, and muscle builders.

The Tren Twins are undoubtedly one of the most popular and influential fitness duos in the online world. They have inspired many people with their impressive physiques and dedication to fitness. They are also known for their entertaining and humorous personalities, which make them stand out from other fitness influencers. The Tren Twins are still young and have a bright future ahead of them in the fitness industry.

What is the Tren Twins' workout routine?

The Tren Twins’ workout routine is based on a four-day split, where they train each body part twice a week. They also do cardio and abs every day. Here is an example of their weekly schedule:

  • Monday: Chest (heavy) and abs
  • Tuesday: Back (heavy) and cardio
  • Wednesday: Legs (heavy) and abs
  • Thursday: Arms (heavy) and cardio
  • Friday: Chest (light) and abs
  • Saturday: Back (light) and cardio
  • Sunday: Legs (light) and arms (light)

The Tren Twins usually perform 4 to 5 exercises per body part, with 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps each. They also incorporate drop sets, supersets, and giant sets to increase the intensity and volume of their workouts. They vary their exercises and weights every week to avoid plateaus and keep their muscles guessing.

Some of the exercises that the Tren Twins do for each body part are:

  • Chest: Bench press, incline dumbbell press, cable crossover, chest fly, push-up
  • Back: Deadlift, lat pulldown, bent-over row, T-bar row, pull-up
  • Legs: Squat, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, lunges
  • Arms: Barbell curl, hammer curl, preacher curl, triceps pushdown, skull crusher

The Tren Twins also follow a strict diet that consists of high protein, moderate carbs, and low fat. They eat 6 to 7 meals a day, spaced every 2 to 3 hours. They consume about 3000 to 3,500 calories per day, depending on their goals and activity levels. They also drink plenty of water and use supplements such as whey protein, creatine, BCAAs, and multivitamins.

What is the Tren Twins' diet?

The Tren Twins’ diet varies depending on their goals and seasons. They follow a classic bodybuilding meal plan that consists of high protein, moderate carbs, and low fat. They eat 6 to 7 meals a day, spaced every 2 to 3 hours. They consume about 3000 to 3500 calories per day12.

Some of the foods that they eat are eggs, chicken, steak, whey protein, pancakes, rice, potatoes, cheese, grits, banana, honey, tortilla wraps, onion, tomatoes, peppers, and mug cake12. They also use supplements such as creatine, BCAAs, and multivitamins.

The Tren Twins have different diet plans for the bulking and cutting phases. When they are bulking, they increase their calorie intake and carb consumption to gain muscle mass. When they are cutting, they reduce their calorie intake and carb consumption to lose body fat and maintain muscle definition12.

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