The Truth Behind Joe Fazer’s Body Transformation: Steroids or Genetics?

 Breaking News: Fitness YouTuber Joe Fazer Accused of No Longer Being "Natural"

A high-profile YouTube fitness coach, known as "Coach Greg" has suggested that fellow fitness personality, Joe Fazer, is no longer a "natural" athlete in one of his recent video analyses.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a "natural" athlete avoids using enhancing substances such as steroids, peptides, or human growth hormones, among others. The allegations against Fazer revolve around his supposed muscular transformation which Greg believes could not have been attained merely by rigorous training and bulking up on calories.

Joe Fazer’s Physique Transformation

In Coach Greg's latest video, he states that despite Fazer's years of training as a natural athlete, his recent images and videos on social media indicate a significant change in his physique. Joe Fazer, who has over one million followers on YouTube, is described as notably leaner and more muscular compared to his previous posts. The sudden transformation has raised suspicion, especially considering Fazer's ectomorphic body frame that is generally less conducive to muscle gain.

While the allegations have nothing to do with Fazer's strength or performance, the change in physique, as per Greg, is quite remarkable and unexpected for a person who has been training for years. “Your gains are going to go on the decline […], but suddenly in the past several months, Joe has put on a ton of muscle.”, Greg says in his video.

Bulking: A Possible Code for Enhancements?

Fazer's declaration about "bulking," a term often used in bodybuilding circles to denote a phase of increased caloric intake to gain muscle, does not seem to align with his noticeably leaner physique. Greg says “When you’re bulking and consuming extra calories, they don’t suddenly all turn to muscle and give you a shredded physique. If you’re bulking up, it’s going to make you fatter.”

With Fazer looking leaner and more shredded than ever, despite supposedly 'bulking', this has further fueled suspicions of the possible use of performance-enhancing drugs.

While the evidence is largely anecdotal, Greg pointed out Fazer's seemingly “puffier” nipples, and fuller face in recent photos, both of which can be side effects of performance-enhancing drug abuse. Stretch marks, allegedly visible on Fazer’s chest and shoulders, could also indicate rapid muscle mass gain beyond what is possible through natural means.

Joe Fazer's Silence Adds Fuel to the Fire

Interestingly, Fazer has not yet responded to any of these speculations, leading Greg to conclude that “saying nothing is saying something”. Greg points out that Fazer's silence on the matter could be interpreted as an indirect confirmation of the rumors about using enhancements.

However, it is essential to remember that these speculations are based on visual observations and personal judgments and are not backed by verified medical evidence, such as blood work reports.

Regardless of the rumors, fans and followers of Joe Fazer admire his dedication and perseverance in maintaining his fitness regimen. Yet, this recent controversy and its ensuing discussions could be an excellent opportunity to bring more transparency and honesty into the world of fitness influencers.

The debate on maintaining integrity while aspiring toward body transformation could indeed help many fitness enthusiasts make informed decisions. Until further confirmation, these speculations should be treated as such - speculations, not conclusions.

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