How to Grow Your Legs Like a Pro | Derek Lunsford’s Olympia Training | Sets and Reps Included

 Derek Lunsford Reveals His Exciting Workout Routine: Eye on the 2023 Mr. Olympia

In the recently unveiled video, Derek Lunsford, the rising star of the bodybuilding world shared the practices and routines he is adopting to prepare for the 2023 Mr. Olympia, with a special emphasis on growing his legs. Lunsford is known for his tough yet effective training methods that have won him recognition on several prestigious platforms. This captivating video shared on his YouTube channel provides bodybuilding enthusiasts an opportunity to peek into his training sessions and understand how he brings his strategies to fruition.

The Intensity Behind the Scenes

Throughout his video, Lunsford maintains an intense tone that substantiates his dedication and urge to emerge victorious at the 2023 Mr. Olympia competition. His video recounts a training day that highlights the effort he invests in his leg workouts. It covers a wide variety of exercises from front squats and pendulum squats, to weaving in some unilateral leg work on the side.

Workouts and Sets

Lunsford’s workout plan shows him performing varying amounts of sets, starting with the pendulum squats where he incorporates effective sets of 6, 4, and 2 plates increasing gradually. He mentions that he particularly found the pendulum squat machine helpful to ensure that he just drives the quads without inducing pain in his knees. Further out, he unleashes the secret of his strength: a back-off set of 315, which he describes as the beginning of his workout routine.

Unveiling New Aspects

Not only does Lunsford disclose the secrets of his strength and rigorous workout routines, but he also discloses his love for dad jokes, thereby showcasing new aspects of his personality. He appreciates the humor these jokes bring to the table, reinforcing his belief that fitness and leisure can indeed go hand in hand.

Apt Balancing of Strength Training

Interestingly, Lunsford talks about balancing his strength training by performing single-leg presses. His approach takes into account the importance of maintaining symmetry between both legs. He pays special emphasis on unilateral movements to keep the strength and size balanced on both legs- a crucial tip for those aiming for proportional bodybuilding achievements.

A Race Against Time

Throughout his commentary, Lunsford hints at the significant role that time plays in preparing for the championship. He adopts a talking-less-doing-more approach, believing that any minute spent on talking does not contribute to enhanced fitness, once again, reflecting his focus and determination.

Lunsford's deliberations in this video offer a whole new perspective on his preparations for the Mr. Olympia 2023 title, proving his dedication and true character. His drive to perform better every day while staying focused under pressure is palpable, captivating the attention of every bodybuilding enthusiast.

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