Derek Lunsford On A Mission: Intense Full Arm & Calf Workout at 9 Weeks Out from the 2023 Mr. Olympia

From renowned professional bodybuilder Derek Lunsford's latest workout regime update, it's clear that he is leaving no stone unturned in the preparatory journey to the most prestigious bodybuilding event in the world: The 2023 Mr. Olympia.

With just nine weeks to go, Lunsford has significantly ramped up his workout intensity, targeting his arms and calves for an overarching muscle conditioning process. He initiated his workout routine with an arduous calf exercise regimen, consciously choosing not to kick-start with cardio to optimize and concentrate on the calf muscle pump.

Lunsford exuded high spirits throughout the workouts and revealed that he has been adhering to a strict regimen committedly each day. This determination and confidence have stemmed from his belief in giving his utmost effort every single day leading up to the competition.

Apparently, Lunsford has not only been physically training hard but also working on uplifting his mental attitude and spiritual wellness. He shared how he commences his early morning activities with gratitude prayers and cardio while listening to sermons or Christian music. This disciplined approach underscores Lunsford’s belief about how a positive mindset and gratitude can enhance physical performance.

Additionally, as part of achieving a balanced physique, Lunsford recommended performing a few extra repetitions for any weaker or smaller body part. He strongly believes in making every effort count to ensure triumph at the end of this grueling journey.

Moreover, during intense weights sessions, he suggested considering alternate techniques such as hammer curls when unable to continue regular curls due to fatigue. Further insights shared by him included variations in executing hammer or dumbbell curls by altering angles which could stimulate different parts of targeted muscles for holistic growth.

As Lunsford continues on his mission nurturing discipline-based workouts combined with gracious positivity toward meeting God-first objectives, numerous fans eagerly await watching him at the Mr. Olympia stage in nine weeks.

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