Chris Bumstead Participates in Intense Shoulder Training Session with Hany Rambod

Chris Bumstead, the esteemed Canadian professional bodybuilder and reigning Mr. Olympia Classic Physique champion, was recently seen partnering with the illustrious coach Hany Rambod for an intense shoulder training session. This rigorous training session was spotted at the Eva June headquarters, located in Texas.

Hany Rambod, a fitness coach known for developing the FST-7 (Fascia Stretch Training 7) training principle, took an active role in guiding and motivating Bumstead throughout the session. Rambod, recognized for training elite athletes like Phil Heath and Jay Cutler, provided strategic advice and tactics, encouraging Bumstead to hit his peak performance.

Part of the training session was focused on the Panama Powersmith machine - an ISO system that combines the benefits and safety measures of a machine with the freedom of a dumbbell. The machine was utilized during shoulder press exercises, allowing the athletes to maximize muscle contraction and minimize the risk of injury. Bumstead acknowledged the usefulness of the machine, noting the naturalness of its movement and the heavyweight it allowed.

Through Rambod's guidance, Bumstead was advised to maintain control and time under tension, minimizing the use of momentum and focusing on pausing at the top of the movement. Various sets of different weights were used to optimize the stimulation of the shoulder muscles.

Throughout the training session, Rambod pushed Bumstead to his limits, to ensure utmost muscle contraction and steady progressive overload. An emphasis was placed on form, cadence, and maintaining consistency to ensure fruitful results.

By the end of the shoulder training session, both athletes showed satisfaction with the workout's results. Bumstead particularly expressed eagerness to incorporate more free-weight exercises into his training, reflecting on the beneficial effects on his shoulder's muscle development and overall strength.

Rambod's expert guidance and Bumstead's rigorous execution resulted in a productive shoulder training session, promising significant strides in Bumstead's journey of bodybuilding prowess.

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