Watch the World’s Strongest Schoolboy: 2x Bodyweight Lifts and a 3,000-Calorie Diet at 10 Years Old


Rowan O'Malley, popularly known as the 'World's Strongest Schoolboy,' has garnered attention for his extraordinary powerlifting abilities. At just 10 years old, O'Malley can squat and deadlift twice his body weight while consuming a whopping 3,000-calorie diet to fuel his training. Despite his young age, Rowan is already breaking multiple powerlifting records and has ambitious goals for the future.

With incredible strength for his age, O'Malley can deadlift an impressive 281 pounds (127.5 kilograms) and squat an astonishing 220 pounds (100 kilograms). He also holds a maximum bench press record of 126.7 pounds (57.5 kilograms). Such remarkable feats have rightfully earned him the nickname, 'The World's Strongest Schoolboy.'

In an interview with This Morning, O'Malley revealed that he began learning powerlifting techniques as early as one year old. He started with no weights, solely focusing on mastering the movements to ensure proper form and technique. His dedication and hard work paid off when he broke the world record for a 10-year-old in the deadlift event at just nine years old.

Despite his busy school schedule, O'Malley trains 3-4 times a week and consumes an average of 3,000 calories per day. This diet helps fuel his intense workouts and allows him to continue building strength and power. While some may criticize his young age for participating in weightlifting activities, O'Malley has never experienced any injuries throughout his training journey.

The involvement of children in powerlifting remains a controversial topic. While some express concerns over potential risks and injuries due to their developing bones, others argue that supervised weightlifting sessions can have numerous benefits for children. According to the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, when properly supervised and age-appropriate, powerlifting can enhance body composition and overall power without significant risks.

O'Malley has already secured his place in powerlifting history by becoming the strongest 10-year-old under 56 kilograms. Despite achieving such feats at an early age, O'Malley's journey is far from over. He plans to compete in the UK once he turns 12 years old and is determined to set more personal and world records.

Rowan O'Malley's exceptional strength and dedication at such a young age have made him a remarkable figure in the powerlifting community. With his already impressive powerlifting records, he continues to inspire others and challenge conventional notions of what is possible for young athletes. As O'Malley continues to push his limits and achieve extraordinary milestones, his future in powerlifting looks bright. 

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