The Secrets of Sam Sulek’s Diet: A Full Day of Eating with Fouad Abiad and Paul Lauzon

 How to Eat Like a Beast: Sam Sulek’s Full Day of Eating with Fouad Abiad and Paul Lauzon

Sam Sulek, a bodybuilder, recently shared his full day of eating with fellow bodybuilders Fouad Abiad and Paul Lauson. They documented their conversation and meal choices in a video. Sam started his day at 10:30 a.m., having been awake since 8 a.m. without eating anything. He expressed his hunger and decided to have a quart (64 ounces) of chocolate milk.

Discussing the nutritional breakdown of the milk, Sam calculated that it contained 240 grams of carbs and 64 grams of fat. He planned to consume this on his way back home. However, he emphasized that he would not waste it and would sip on it gradually.

An hour later, after finishing the chocolate milk, Sam and his gym buddies discussed what time they should start their workout. Sam revealed that he preferred to have a full stomach before lifting weights, aiming for a high carb intake of around 400 grams. He mentioned that usually, he would consume around 500 carbs throughout the day, as he woke up early and ate consistently.

To meet his carb goals, Sam opted for a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. He calculated that he needed around five servings (150 grams) to reach his desired carb intake. The cereal had approximately 33 grams of carbs per serving. Sam weighed the cereal using a food scale to ensure accuracy.

When it came to the milk to be poured over the cereal, Sam decided to measure it by volume, using four cups (960 milliliters). However, his companions suggested using a food scale for more precise measurements. They found that 160 milliliters (160 grams) of milk equaled one cup or one gram. With this knowledge, Sam adjusted his milk measurement accordingly.

Despite not being a fan of milk, Sam gulped down the required amount so he could enjoy his cereal properly. He struggled with the excess milk but managed to finish his meal.

In the video, Sam and his friends discussed their training routines and nutrition strategies. Sam mentioned that he was currently in a bulking phase and had gained around 10-12 pounds. He planned to do a short-cutting phase to shed excess body fat before continuing his mass-building journey.

They also discussed the timing of meals, training, and cardio. Sam revealed that he preferred to wait at least an hour and a half after eating before beginning his workout. He would consume his pre-workout during the commute to the gym.

As for cardio, Sam mentioned that he tried to do it every day, usually for 30 minutes on a seated bike in the morning. He emphasized the importance of consistent cardio for overall health and fitness.

Throughout the video, Sam's approach to nutrition and training reflected his passion and instinctive style. His focus was on building muscle and enjoying the process rather than adhering strictly to traditional guidelines. However, his friends cautioned him about the potential risks of reckless training practices, suggesting that refinement might be necessary as he progresses in his bodybuilding journey.

This video and conversation provided insight into Sam Sulek's approach to nutrition and training, showcasing his dedication to achieving his goals as a bodybuilder.

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