Sculpt Your Upper Body with Eric Janaki's Expert Chest, Triceps, and Delts Workout

Get Shredded and Build Muscle with Eric Janaki's Push Day Routine

In a recent video, fitness influencer Eric Janaki shared his full push-day workout, focusing on the chest, triceps, and delts. He emphasized the importance of form, range of motion, and time under tension for maximizing muscle growth.

The workout began with a downward chest fly exercise, which Eric considers one of his favorites for opening up the chest tissue and promoting good blood flow. He focused on a slow negative motion, stretching the chest at the top and squeezing underneath to engage the muscles effectively. By using a big range of motion, Eric aims to keep his tissue healthy and avoid feeling tight or achy, especially as he is only four weeks away from his bodybuilding debut.

Next, Eric demonstrated a pressing variant exercise for the chest and triceps. He adjusted the bench to 90 degrees and pressed in the middle while keeping his hands in a slight pronation-to-neutral position. This movement targets the upper chest and emphasizes the peak contraction. Eric recommended trying this exercise for a good peak contraction and ergonomic movement through the hands.

For the lower to mid-chest area, Eric performed an incline exercise that focuses on the PEC minor muscle. By leaning back and maintaining good posture, he prevented the deltoids and biceps from taking over and ensured maximum engagement of the targeted muscles.

Moving on to the triceps, Eric incorporated v-grip pushdowns with proper form to isolate the triceps and minimize the involvement of other muscle groups. By keeping his elbows tucked back and maintaining good leverage over the weight, he achieved peak contractions that were held for 2-4 seconds to optimize muscle growth.

To work the long head of the triceps, Eric performed overhead rope extensions with double contractions at the peak of each repetition. This exercise targets the long head of the tricep twice within each repetition, helping build size and dimension in the arms.

Eric also included a combination exercise that targets both the triceps and chest. By adjusting his body position, he could emphasize either the triceps or the chest. This exercise allowed for a good stretch in the chest and a fully contracted position for the triceps, with an aim to reach failure and push the muscles to their limits.

Lastly, Eric concluded the workout with crossover Y-raises to target the medial and rear delts. By grabbing alternate handles and performing the raises, he engaged these shoulder muscles effectively.

Overall, Eric's full push-day workout focused on proper form, range of motion, and time under tension to optimize muscle growth in the chest, triceps, and delts. He emphasized the importance of pushing oneself to failure and maximizing peak contractions to see progress in muscle development.

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