Sam Sulek’s Triceps and Forearms Routine: Exercises, Sets, and Reps Revealed

How to Build Massive Arms with Sam Sulek: Triceps and Forearms Edition

In the latest episode of his Spring Bulk series, Sam Sulek discussed his decision to change up his workout split. He had been following a legs-chest-back-arms routine for a while but wanted to try something different. The idea was to focus on specific muscle groups, like quads and hamstrings separately. However, after experimenting with it for a few rotations, he realized that he preferred his original split.

Sam Sulek emphasized the importance of trying new things in your training routine. He believed that constantly challenging yourself and making small adjustments can lead to improvements. While he acknowledged that drastic changes may not be necessary, he recommended exploring different exercises, rep schemes, and training styles to find what works best for each individual.

As for his triceps and forearms workout, he started with a warm-up routine to prepare his muscles. Gradually increasing the weight, he performed various tricep pushdown exercises. He focused on maintaining proper form and gradually increased the intensity as he progressed through his sets. He also incorporated drop sets and partial reps when fatigue started to set in.

To further target his triceps, Sam employed different techniques, such as using the rope attachment for squeezing-focused movements. This allowed him to fully contract his muscles and intensify the burn. He then moved on to single arm tricep extensions with an underhand grip, aiming to maximize the squeeze and pause at the beginning of each rep.

Overall, Sam Sulek highlighted the importance of finding what works best for one's body through trial and error. By consistently challenging oneself and adapting their training routine, individuals can strive for continuous improvement.

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