Professional bodybuilder Nick Walker shares his full day of eating on a high day during his preparation for the Olympia 2023

 Professional bodybuilder Nick Walker shares his full day of eating on a high day during his preparation for the Olympia 2023 competition. In a recent video, Walker takes viewers through his meals, explaining the reasoning behind his food choices.

For his first meal, Walker starts off with a high-day breakfast consisting of mega fit steak, bananas, jasmine rice, sushi rice, ground cinnamon, and a blueberry muffin from Dunkin Donuts - his favorite muffin of all time. He shares that his weight loss of two pounds overnight after a birthday dinner the previous night was the reason for the high day.

Moving on to his pre-workout meal, Walker enjoys mega fit chicken, jasmine rice, olive oil (in place of avocado), mustard, pink salt, ground cinnamon, and 100 grams of pineapple. He also supplements with two capsules of glycol HD, one capsule of arrive and digestate, and one capsule of betaine HCL by HD.

After his workout, Walker refuels with mega fit chicken, cream of rice, Trader Joe's almond butter, and frozen blueberries. He emphasizes his preference for frozen fruit as it lasts longer. He adds a drizzle of almond butter to his meal and takes his essential supplements - one pill of revive and one pill of glycogen.

Walker shares some insights into his training approach, highlighting the benefits of the RP Strength app he uses to track his progress. He emphasizes the importance of a slow eccentric rep, full range of motion, and not going too heavy right away. Walker believes he has substantially improved his physique in the off-season and is continuing to make progress.

For his last meals, Walker consumes mega fit chicken, sushi rice, olive oil, pink salt, ground cinnamon, and pineapple. He mentions that his upcoming meals will not include fruit, but he will continue to show them to his audience.

Overall, Walker's video provides a glimpse into his high day of eating during his Olympia 2023 preparation. He emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition and training for attaining his desired physique. Fans of bodybuilding can follow Walker's journey on his YouTube channel and stay updated on his progress for the upcoming competition.

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