Is Max Taylor Really Natural? A Closer Look at His Bodybuilding Journey


Max Taylor's Claims of Being Natural Put to the Test

Max Taylor, the bodybuilder who has always claimed to be a 100% natural athlete, is now facing scrutiny over his recent competition results. Despite the proven dedication to his training and a significant effort towards preparing for a recent bodybuilding competition, his performance left spectators and critics asking whether Max was truly natural or not.

In the months leading up to the competition, Max undertook an intense dieting regime, lasting 20 weeks. He reached out to renowned coach, Greg Doucette, revealing his desire to compete on stage with "glutes peeled," a term meaning extreme leanness. To achieve this fitness level, Max would have to approach an astounding 5% body fat.

The Jaw-Dropping Transformation

As the competition drew closer, spectators were astonished by Taylor's transformation. His shredded physique, coupled with his claims of being a natural athlete, seemed almost inconceivable. Coach Doucette himself was so impressed by Max's four weeks out photos that he voiced his suspicions about how Max managed to look so incredible.

Critics began querying Max Taylor's gains due come show day. They speculated that if he was natural and dieting, his muscles should look smaller. Instead, Talyor appeared more shredded and bigger than before. Considering the rigorous schedule he had followed, it seemed unlikely that he could have built such impressive muscle mass while still in a calorie-deficit state.

Questionable Competition Results

Suspicion grew further when Max placed second in the novice category and did not make it to the top five in the open category on the competition day. This surprising performance left many wondering how a participant with such an impressive physique and conditioning failed to translate this demeanor to the stage.

Even after achieving an ultra-lean state, Max still faced scrutiny over his claims of being a natural athlete. Critics questioned why there was no proof of blood work or any other measure taken by Max to validate his claims.

The world awaits Taylor's response and any evidence he may provide to support his natural status. For now, questions surround whether Max Taylor is truly a natural athlete or if there is something more behind his remarkable physique.

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