‘I Was at Risk of Kidney Failure’ Larry Wheels has provided an update on his recovery

 Larry Wheels recently provided an update on his recovery after being diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a potentially life-threatening condition that can lead to kidney

Fitness influencer and strength athlete, Larry Wheels, recently gave a candid account of his trials with the potentially life-threatening condition, Rhabdomyolysis, also known as Rhabdo. Diagnosed about a week ago, Larry Wheels' health scare sparked moments of intense anxiety and uncertainty, acting as a wake-up call to prioritize health over fitness goals.

Feeling Unusual Symptoms

About seven days ago, Larry started experiencing unexplained lightheadedness, hot flashes, and dizzy spells, which even escalated to chest pain. Despite not being diabetic or having a history of low blood sugar, these symptoms persisted, raising alarm bells for the fitness guru.

Alcohol and Lifestyle: Possible Triggers

Before the onset of these symptoms, Larry had had an active travel week, visiting Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, where he consumed alcohol- an unusual addition to his otherwise disciplined routine. He speculates that this unusual alcohol intake along with a car accident a week before might have triggered the condition.

Possible Causes Occurrence
Alcohol During a busy travel week
Car Accident Occurred a week before the symptoms

Panic and Google-Doctor Diagnosis

Larry's persistent lightheadedness and onset chest pain led him into intense panic causing him to self-diagnose based on his symptoms. He considered potential heart attack or stroke as he had been using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) for a decade.

Persisting Conditions Amplify Concerns

Despite consuming substantial amounts of sugar, which temporarily eased his lightheadedness, the return of the symptoms after an hour or two heightened his concerns. These unexplained symptoms extending over several days hitched his anxiety levels.

Exercise Session Arising Anxiety

During a workout with his fellow bodybuilder, Breon, post-exercise fatigue hit Larry more intensely than ever before, triggering a seemingly uncontrollable panic. The incident was worrisome for Larry, enough to cut his shoot short- a first in his eight years of filming.

Persisting Illness Leading to Rhabdomyolysis Diagnosis

Larry's health took a tommyknocker, leaving him light-headed and unable to stand straight after consuming half a gallon of apple juice. The persisting and escalating discomfort raised the alarm leading to his Rhabdomyolysis diagnosis.

Larry Wheels' candid admission and detailed account of his health scare once again draw attention to the importance of taking cues from one's body and prioritizing health over any form of physical achievement.

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