How Jay Cutler Ate 30 Eggs a Day and What He Thinks of the Kai Greene-Phil Heath Feud

 Jay Cutler Reveals His Extreme Egg Diet and His Views on the Steroid Controversy in Bodybuilding

In a recent episode of the Cutler Cast Podcast, retired IFBB Pro Jay Cutler opened up about his breakfast routine, the rivalry between Kai Greene and Phil Heath, his experience with steroids, and the importance of joint health in bodybuilding.

One aspect that gained attention was Cutler's famous breakfast consisting of 30 eggs. While many assume he consumed 30 whole eggs, Cutler clarified that he actually ate 30 egg whites, which is equivalent to about two cups. He explained that the perception of consuming such a large quantity may seem excessive to the general public, but his intention was to emphasize the importance of high protein intake for bodybuilders.

Speaking about the Kai Greene vs. Phil Heath rivalry, Cutler expressed his belief that their on-stage battles should receive more recognition among fans. He pointed out that despite Greene consistently trailing behind the champion for years, he never won the Mr. Olympia title. Cutler wondered if the narrative would have changed if Greene had continued competing and defeated Heath in subsequent competitions.

Shedding light on his experience with steroids, Cutler admitted that he did cycle during his bodybuilding career but always under the supervision of a doctor. He emphasized the importance of regular blood tests to monitor hormone levels and adjust dosage accordingly. Cutler also mentioned that he never utilized Deca-Durabolin, a compound often used to alleviate joint issues in powerlifters, as he never experienced any joint problems himself.

Cutler stressed the significance of joint health in bodybuilding and suggested that hormone panels and blood work should be conducted for older individuals or females training in the sport. Understanding their hormone levels can provide insights into how their bodies will react to training and prevent potential injuries.

Throughout the podcast, Cutler displayed his ongoing passion for bodybuilding despite retiring a decade ago. He recently underwent a physique transformation before turning 50 and regularly updates fans on his training routines, nutrition, and overall wellness.

In summary, Jay Cutler's interview shed light on various aspects of his bodybuilding career. He disclosed details about his breakfast routine, addressed the Kai Greene and Phil Heath rivalry, shared insights about his experience with steroids, and emphasized the importance of joint health in bodybuilding. Cutler's dedication to the sport continues to inspire fans who admire his determination and success in the world of bodybuilding.

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