How Bradley Martyn Thinks He Could Take on Former UFC Champ Alex Pereira

Bradley Martyn, a popular YouTube star and fitness influencer, has once again sparked conversations in the MMA community with his claims about his fighting abilities. In a recent Instagram reel, Martyn discussed his chances in a hypothetical fight against former UFC Middleweight Champion Alex Pereira.

Martyn, who has been entertaining the idea of fighting combat athletes in recent months, has faced skepticism from the MMA community. Previously, he claimed that he would easily defeat boxers Devin Haney and Nate Diaz in street fights. However, major figures in MMA, including former UFC heavyweight fighters Brendan Schaub and Joe Rogan, have dismissed Martyn's chances against professional MMA athletes.

In his latest endeavor, Martyn turned his attention to Alex Pereira, who is known as one of the scariest fighters in the UFC. Despite Pereira's fighting experience and success in the Middleweight division, Martyn refuses to count himself out against the Brazilian star.

When asked about his chances in a fight against Pereira, Martyn responded with a dose of humor, stating that it would depend on various factors such as the weather and the location of the fight. He jokingly mentioned the need for tools or stones as weapons in the hypothetical fight.

In addition to Pereira, Martyn has also expressed interest in fighting fellow YouTube star and boxer Logan Paul. However, Martyn claims that his intentions are not driven by "clicks and views" but rather a genuine desire to test himself against pro-level fighters.

It is worth noting that, unlike some other MMA fighters, Pereira wouldn't be severely undersized compared to Martyn if they were to fight. While this hypothetical matchup continues to generate discussion online, it remains to be seen whether Martyn could truly hold his own against professional fighters.

Overall, Bradly Martyn's claims about his fighting abilities continue to ignite debates within the MMA community. Some dismiss his chances while others are intrigued by the possibility of a crossover fight between an influencer and a professional fighter. 

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