Carlos Thomas Jr. Is Ready to Rock the 2023 Texas Pro with His Amazing Body Transformation


American bodybuilder Carlos Thomas Jr. is making waves in the fitness world with his impressive physique. After winning his pro card at the NPC Championship, Thomas Jr. has been silently working on his physique, awaiting the perfect moment to make his pro debut. Known for his roundness and fullness in his arms and legs, Thomas Jr. stood out at the NPC Championship.

However, his plans to make his pro debut in May 2023 were derailed due to severe issues with his ulcerative colitis. Thomas Jr. took to Instagram to reveal that his body was not responding as needed to compete due to his health condition. Despite this setback, Thomas Jr. decided to make a guest posing appearance, which earned him praise from seasoned bodybuilders, such as Derek Lunsford.

Thomas Jr.'s physique update showcased his fantastic size and conditioning in his back and legs, making him a standout in the division. Many are comparing Thomas Jr.'s look to Lunsford and other top bodybuilders, recognizing his potential and talent.

Now, Thomas Jr. is set to make his pro debut at the Texas Pro in Arlington, Texas. With strong competition like Hunter Labrada and others in the contest, Thomas Jr. needs a win to secure a spot on the Mr. Olympia stage. While he feels confident about his chances, Thomas Jr. has also mentioned that if he doesn't secure a victory at Texas Pro, he may step back for the rest of the season.

In a recent video posted by Corey Brown, who works closely with Thomas Jr., viewers got a glimpse of his current conditioning. Thomas Jr. looked enormous in size and displayed a perfect blend of vascularity and conditioning. His intense training and time off from the stage seem to have paid off.

As the contest approaches, Thomas Jr. is focused on winning the show and securing his ticket to Mr. Olympia. His dedication and hard work are evident, and fans are excited to see what he brings to the stage.

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