Priest called for the elimination of what he deems as "useless" divisions in bodybuilding

 Lee Priest, a veteran in the world of bodybuilding, recently expressed his strong opinions on the current state of the sport. In a candid interview, Priest called for the elimination of what he deems as "useless" divisions in bodybuilding, among other topics of discussion.

Known for his extensive career on stage spanning three decades, Priest competed against legendary bodybuilders and gained recognition for his impeccable conditioning and massive biceps. Even after retiring in 2013, he has remained engaged with the sport and has a valuable perspective to share.

During the interview, Priest argued that there should only be a few active divisions in bodybuilding. He nostalgically reflected on the past, stating, "Back in our day, the old guys going back there, you knew everyone’s name. Every pro show was top quality minus Mr. Olympia. Now, everyone gets a trophy bullsh*t." According to him, there should only be Open bodybuilding, Open for women, and Fitness divisions.

Unapologetically, Priest dismissed other divisions such as Physique, Bikini, and Wellness, suggesting that those categories belong in model girl pageants rather than true bodybuilding competitions. However, he acknowledged the need for these divisions to provide a platform for athletes who compete in them.

Moving on to discussing top bodybuilders in the sport, Priest mentioned Nick Walker and Chris Bumstead. Walker is considered one of the favorites to win the 2023 Olympia, while Bumstead has established a dynasty in the Classic Physique division. Priest commended their marketability and appeal to a wider audience beyond hardcore bodybuilders.

When it came to making predictions for the Olympia, Priest expressed his support for Samson Dauda, the reigning champion. He praised Dauda's impressive combination of size and shape, along with his developing "freaky look." Priest believes Dauda embodies a balance that makes him a strong contender for future success.

Throughout the interview, it was evident that Lee Priest remains an influential figure in the bodybuilding community, actively voicing his opinions on the sport. Despite his retirement, he has maintained exceptional physical condition, leading some to speculate a potential comeback in the future.

As Lee Priest continues to share his insights and thoughts about the evolving world of bodybuilding, fans, and enthusiasts eagerly await his next contribution. For the latest news and updates, follow Generation Iron on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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