Incredible Feat of Strength: Joe Mackay Deadlifts 860-lbs with Ease

NEWS REPORT: Breaking Limits: Joe Mackay Shatters Deadlift PR at 860 lbs.

In an impressive display of strength, bodybuilder Joe Mackey has achieved a massive personal record (PR) of an 860-pound (390-kilogram) deadlift two-rep. Mackey, who is unofficially considered one of the greatest deadlifters among IFBB Pros, continues to solidify his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the world of bodybuilding.

The Lift and Training Approach

During Mackey's recent training session, he accomplished this feat with only the assistance of a lifting belt and a pair of lifting straps. Opting for the conventional stance, which suits him best, Mackey demonstrated his dedication and determination in pursuing his deadlift goals. Despite his busy schedule as an entrepreneur, he manages to find time to focus on his deadlifts and consistently improve his strength.

Mackey expressed his enthusiasm after the lift, stating, "It's been 3 weeks since I've felt some heavy weight on deadlifts, so I had to do everything to activate my CNS so I'm extra lit!"

Working Towards the Ultimate Goal

Having already achieved remarkable success in his bodybuilding career, Mackey has set his sights on a monumental milestone: deadlifting 1,000 pounds (453.6 kilograms). With each new personal record, he inches closer to this ambitious goal, proving that his rigorous training program is yielding results.

Career Highlights

Aside from his impressive deadlifting abilities, Mackey has had an outstanding year in bodybuilding. He secured fifth place at a notable competition and followed it up with a ninth-place finish at another prestigious event in 2022. These achievements further solidify his reputation as an exceptional athlete in the bodybuilding world.

Sharing His Journey

Mackey is not only committed to his personal fitness goals but also actively engages with his fans and followers by sharing his fitness journey on social media. Recently, he posted an inspiring training video, as well as updates on his progress and physique.

The Road Ahead

As Mackey continues to achieve deadlift personal records regularly, the possibility of becoming the first professional bodybuilder to deadlift 1,000 pounds (453.6 kilograms) becomes increasingly realistic. His dedication and consistent progress serve as an inspiration to aspiring bodybuilders and strength enthusiasts worldwide.

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