Dennis James and Milos Sarcev Discuss Stephane Matala's Potential as a Threat to Chris Bumstead

Dennis James and Milos Sarcev Discuss Stephane Matala's Potential as a Threat to Chris Bumstead

Dennis James and Milos Sarcev recently discussed the potential of rising bodybuilder Stephane Matala, considering him a serious threat to Chris Bumstead in the Classic Physique division.

James expressed his belief that Matala will be noticed and predicts that he will qualify for the 2023 Olympia this year.

The discussion took place during an episode of The Menace Podcast, where the two experts delved into Matala's chances against top-tier Olympia talent.

The Classic Physique division has been known for its talent-rich and highly competitive nature since its inception.

Chris Bumstead has been the reigning champion for the past four years, defending his title against formidable opponents like Ramon Queiroz and Urs Kalecinski.

Despite Bumstead's continued dominance, fans are getting behind Matala as a potential challenger.

Matala, known as 'Mr. Unchained' on social media, has been captivating fans with his impressive physique and has gained a significant following on Instagram.

Matala has been showcasing his preparation for the upcoming 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro Portugal, where he aims to make a statement in the Classic Physique category.

Milos Sarcev pointed out that Matala possesses a highly striated chest, which he considers unparalleled in his experience.

Dennis James praised Matala's "old school bodybuilding look" and commended his clean physique without excessive scar tissue from steroid injections.

However, Sarcev suggested that Matala work on his front double biceps pose to maximize his potential.

Sarcev acknowledged that Bumstead currently has a better structure but agreed with James and Chris Cormier that Matala poses a future threat to the reigning champion.

Although Sarcev believed Bumstead would currently defeat Matala, he emphasized the potential for Matala to surpass him if he expands his physique and develops a broader frame, creating the desired v-taper illusion.

Dennis James expressed confidence in Matala's chances and predicted that he would earn qualification for the 2023 Mr. Olympia show.

James also highlighted Matala's large fanbase as a factor that could support his success in the sport.

Overall, Dennis James and Milos Sarcev ardently discussed the potential of Stephane Matala, viewing him as a legitimate threat to Chris Bumstead in the Classic Physique division. 

They praised Matala's physique, highlighting his striated chest and clean appearance, while also suggesting areas for improvement. With their analysis, fans eagerly anticipate Matala's upcoming performance and the possibility of witnessing a new champion in the Classic Physique division.

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