Bodybuilding Deaths: Bodybuilders Who Died From Steroids Usage

The Increasing Dangers of Steroid Abuse in Bodybuilding and Fitness Culture. Autopsy Results Confirm Steroids Contributed to Bodybuilder George Peterson's Death.

Bodybuilding is a sport that is highly appreciated for its physical endurance and strength. Competitive bodybuilders go to great lengths to get the perfect physique, often including using steroids. These performance-enhancing drugs have become widely popular in the bodybuilding world, with people utilizing them to gain an edge over their competitors. However, the consequences of using such drugs can be fatal. Over the years, there have been several instances where bodybuilders have died from steroid usage, making it an issue that needs to be addressed. 

This blog post will explore the stories of some of the famous bodybuilders who lost their lives due to steroid usage and why it is essential to approach bodybuilding with caution.

Bodybuilders Who Died from Steroids

George Peterson

The probable cause of George Peterson's death is believed to be his use of steroids. This shocking event has left many people surprised, especially since he was only 37 years old. The autopsy report concluded that he died due to sudden cardiac dysrhythmia, and it was also mentioned that his use of anabolic steroids played a role in his demise. 

The article previously mentioned examines the likelihood of bodybuilders dying as a result of steroid usage. Those bodybuilders who are included in the aforementioned list are widely recognized for their dedication to building their physiques but ultimately perished due to drug utilization. 

The initial fatalities in bodybuilding were attributed to novice individuals using unlawful drugs. However, the incidence of heart attacks is too recurrent to be deemed as random. Even experienced bodybuilders have succumbed to cardiac arrest. Individuals within the bodybuilding community have raised their voices concerning the use of steroids and have requested routine health screenings for those involved in the bodybuilding occupation. 

Dallas McCarver

Dallas McCarver's passing wasn't unexpected as he displayed many indications of deteriorating health. This 6'1" and 300-pound mass monster was frequently viewed as the Mr. Olympia champion of the future and an upcoming bodybuilding sensation. 

Dallas McCarver's ill health began to manifest when he suffered a collapse while posing at the Arnold Classic in Australia. He was subsequently discovered unconscious in his residence in August 2017. 

After three months after his demise, it became known that Dallas died due to an extensive enlargement of his heart, a condition often observed among individuals who consume steroids. His heart had grown to almost three times the size of a regular human heart. 

Ben Harnett

Bodybuilders have received cautionary advice about using steroids, following the coroner attributing Ben Harnett's death to self-inflicted injuries caused by steroids. Harnett was a married 37-year-old father of one, who had reportedly been taking excessive amounts of steroids to enhance his physical appearance in preparation for a competition. 

Rich Piana

At the age of 46, Rich Piana, who was a well-known bodybuilder, passed away while in a medically induced coma. He collapsed at home during a haircut and was promptly taken to the hospital. Piana openly confessed to using steroids for 27 years and recommended that individuals who have the option to refrain from drug usage should do so. Nonetheless, he also stated that those desiring to become professional bodybuilders have no alternative but to take steroids. 


Zyzz, a prominent figure in the fitness community, passed away at only 22 years old, likely due to his steroid use. Despite his young age, he made a name for himself in the industry, not only as a bodybuilder but also as a clothing brand owner, model, and creator of a popular YouTube channel. Although his older brother Said was arrested for possessing anabolic steroids, Zyzz insisted that he had sculpted his physique purely through hard work and without using performance-enhancing substances. His death brought shockwaves to his fans, who paid tribute to the talented young bodybuilder.

 Andreas Münzer

The world had witnessed an instance of the unappealing side of professional bodybuilding. It raised the question of where to draw the line regarding the amount of steroid consumption. While Munzer had passed away, it was evident that steroid misuse was the reason behind his death. 

Munzer's body was submitted for examination, and unfortunately, the worst possible outcome was confirmed. During his prime, Munzer weighed 240 pounds and typically participated in events with a body fat percentage of less than 5%. 

Competitors as well as fans were impressed by his well-built body. He put in great effort in every competition, striving to be at his best. However, he was unaware that his obsession to have a perfectly toned physique was severely damaging his organs. 

Nasser El Sonbaty

On March 20, 2013, Nasser El Sonbaty, a well-known bodybuilder, passed away at the age of 47 due to complications related to kidney failure. His death was confirmed by various sources, including IFBB Pro Shawn Ray. El Sonbaty was born on October 15, 1965, and had a successful career in bodybuilding, competing in 13 amateur shows and 53 IFBB Pro shows. He was a regular at Mr. Olympia competitions and was often referred to as the 'Uncrowned Mr. Olympia' due to his exceptional performances and battles on stage with Dorian Yates. El Sonbaty was known for his larger-than-life persona and was featured on over 60 magazine covers worldwide. His death was a tragic loss for the bodybuilding community. 

Steroids have become synonymous with bodybuilding, with athletes using them to gain muscle mass, strength, and a competitive edge. However, their use also comes with several severe and potentially deadly side effects. Prolonged use of steroids can damage the liver and kidneys, impairing their function and leading to serious health problems. Additionally, steroids can cause gynaecomastia, male breast enlargement, and shrinkage of the testicles, while also making individuals hyper-aggressive. Worst of all, they can cause the heart muscle to malfunction, leading to heart attacks and even death. Despite their perceived benefits, Steroids are a potentially lethal choice for bodybuilders seeking a shortcut to physical perfection. 

In conclusion, the dangers of steroid use in bodybuilding cannot be ignored. The unfortunate reality is that there have been many bodybuilders who have lost their lives due to the use of performance-enhancing drugs. It’s important for anyone considering steroid use to fully educate themselves and consider the potential risks involved. Let’s honor the memory of those who have passed away by making informed and responsible choices about our own health and fitness journeys. 

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