A fitness influencer ended up in the hospital after refusing to eat for 48 hours, prompting an IFBB Pro Coach to express a controversial opinion.

Alex Eubank, a renowned bodybuilding figure and fitness influencer, has been hospitalized after undertaking a 48-hour fast.

The 23-year-old fitness enthusiast was reportedly rushed to the hospital on a stretcher, causing a flurry of concern among his fan base, colleagues, and the fitness community. Eubank, famous for his dedication to maintaining a well-chiseled physique and impressive strength, reportedly embarked on the fast in an attempt to detox his body.

In a recent video shared across social media platforms, Eubank discussed suffering from symptoms including palpitations and breathing difficulties, hinting at a resurgence of anxiety issues. He had been reportedly using some performance-enhancing drugs before the fast, leading to speculations that his health scare might have been a detox attempt.

Notably, the news of Eubank's hospitalization has captured the attention of IFBB Pro fitness coach, Greg Doucette. In a response video, the seasoned coach voiced his concern over the young bodybuilder's sudden health crisis. In the video, Doucette theorized what could have possibly gone wrong, linking Eubank's medical emergency to his fast.

According to Doucette, Eubank's fast might have escalated his body's sympathetic drive, a state of heightened alertness often associated with the intake of steroids - a claim that could stir controversy given Eubank's assertion as a natural bodybuilder. Doucette cited an increase in sympathetic drive as a potential cause of intensified aggression disrupted sleep patterns, and even heart arrhythmias witnessed in Eubank's case.

Doucette ended his video by providing valuable tips to prevent such incidents, advising a switch from a sympathetic state to a parasympathetic state- a state of rest and relaxation, especially when faced with palpitations or arrhythmias.

Eubank, who is steadily recovering since his hospitalization, has shared his health update on his Youtube channel and Instagram, where his followers can find more information.

Prominent figures and fans have taken to social media to express concern and send well-wishes to Eubank. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of medical supervision during detoxification and fasting endeavors, even for people with excellent physical conditioning.

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