Want to Bulk Like Martyn Ford? Here are His 10,000 Calorie Diet and Supplement Tips

How Martyn Ford Stays Lean While Packing on the Pounds. These are the Foods and Supplements Martyn Ford Swears by for Building Muscle

UK bodybuilder Martyn Ford, affectionately known as ‘The Nightmare,’ recently revealed his secret to bulking at 360 pounds - consuming up to a whopping 10,000 calories a day. Sharing his preferred choices of foods and supplements that make up his diet regimen, Ford gave fans a glimpse into his incredible physique and enviable strength.

At the top of his list of foods for bulking are potatoes, with Ford consuming up to 2kg of the starchy vegetable a day. He also swears by rice and chicken, eating around 2kg of each, alongside a range of supplements, including weight gain powders and vitamins.

In addition to his diet, Ford’s grueling workout routine is equally impressive, with the bodybuilder hitting the gym twice a day for two hours per session. His training includes a range of exercises, such as deadlifts, squats, and bench presses, with a focus on building mass and strength.

Ford’s transformation from a professional cricketer to a fitness icon has been nothing short of impressive, with the bodybuilder’s sheer size and strength captivating audiences around the world. With his dedication to his diet and training, it’s no surprise that ‘The Nightmare’ has become an inspiration to many aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking to bulk up or simply maintain a healthy diet, Martyn Ford’s tips and secrets are worth taking note of, as they offer insight into the discipline and hard work needed to achieve such incredible feats of strength and athleticism. 

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