The Secret Behind Jay Cutler's 20-Inch Arms: His Workout Revealed

Building Bigger Arms: Jay Cutler Shares Workout That Achieved 20-Inch Guns.

Four-time Olympia winner, Jay Cutler, recently shared the workout routine that helped him build his impressive 20-inch arms. Known for his championship physique, Cutler is well-versed in building an elite body to dominate the bodybuilding stage.

Throughout his career, Cutler proved himself to be one of the best in the world, consistently finishing as a runner-up before securing his first Olympia title in 2006. He went on to win the coveted title four times and also clinched the Arnold Classic three times. Despite retiring from competition, Cutler continues to share his passion for fitness and bodybuilding with his fans.

In a recent YouTube video, Cutler unveiled his secret to attaining 20-inch arms. The intense arm workout consisted of several exercises:

Cutler shared his approach, explaining that he usually begins with triceps but has been mixing up his routine. He started the workout with a cable pushdown, followed by a rope press-down. Cutler then moved on to overhead extensions, noting the significant pump he felt throughout the routine.

To target his triceps further, Cutler incorporated dips and tricep extensions into his workout. He then shifted his focus to the biceps, utilizing the Nautilus bicep machine and alternate dumbbell curls. Cutler emphasized the importance of a good pump to effectively work the biceps.

The workout concluded with incline bench spider curls, where Cutler used a straight bar. He expressed his desire to increase his body weight and strength, mentioning that he aims to reach a weight of 250 pounds. Cutler has been implementing additional cardio sessions, totaling two-a-day workouts, in otoieve his goals.

While Cutler is not likely to return to competitive bodybuilding, he hasn't ruled out the possibility of guest posing in the future. He remains dedicated to maintaining his elite physique and overall fitness, even in retirement.

As Cutler shares his workout routines and bodybuilding journey with his fans, he continues to inspire and motivate others to pursue their fitness goals. Stay updated with Generation Iron on their social media platforms for more news and updates.

In conclusion, Jay Cutler's recent workout video provides valuable insights into the methods he used to develop his impressive 20-inch arms. His dedication to fitness and passion for bodybuilding shines through as he aims to maintain an elite physique even in retirement.

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