Ronnie Coleman's Police Career Explored: How Long Did He Serve as a Cop?

The Scintillating Rise of Ronnie Coleman: How His Cop Career Helped Him Achieve Bodybuilding Greatness. From Law Enforcement to Mr. Olympia: Ronnie Coleman's Cop Career

Ronnie Coleman, the 8-time Mr. Olympia winner, not only had a successful bodybuilding career but also served as a police officer for many years. Coleman started his career as a middle linebacker for the GSU Tigers and graduated with a BSc in Accounting. 

Ronnie planned on becoming something other than a professional bodybuilder. He worked different jobs in a bank and Dominos Pizza, and then he saw an advertisement about a vacancy in the police force which caught his attention. He eventually went on to become a police officer in Arlington Texas for many years from 1989 up to 2003. 

During his time at the police station, his friend convinced him to start training at a nearby gym named MetroFlex, and from there, Coleman entered bodybuilding. However, it wasn't until 2003 that Ronnie was forced to choose between being a cop and Mr. Olympia. He loved the benefits of being a cop, including outstanding work-life balance and retirement benefits, but the pressure of balancing his job and bodybuilding became too much, which led to his decision to leave the police force. 

Ultimately, Ronnie Coleman's cop career was a significant part of his life, and he successfully balanced his two passions for many years. 

His career path hurt his physical health as he suffered multiple serious injuries since 2007, which necessitated the replacement of his hips. However, notwithstanding his condition, he persisted in training. 

Dubbed the bodybuilding equivalent of Michael Jordan, Ronnie Coleman ultimately retired in 2007 due to numerous injuries. Certain surgical procedures that he underwent had such unfavorable results that they left him unable to walk without an assistive device.

 Since his retirement, he has undergone two hip replacements and suffered an additional ten injuries that have cost him nearly $2 million. 

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