Nick Walker's Bold Predictions for the 2023 Olympia: Samson Dauda's Back Disappoints, Big Ramy's Reign Ends, and Andrew Jacked Falls Short


In a recent interview with HD Muscle, bodybuilder Nick Walker shared his candid thoughts on the upcoming 2023 Mr. Olympia competition. Known for his honest personality, Walker provided his top five predictions for the event and shared his thoughts on several competitors.


Walker acknowledged that the Men's Open division has seen significant improvement, with newcomers rising and older contestants making way for the younger generation. Reflecting on last year's Mr. Olympia, where he finished third, Walker emphasized the intense competition and the need for constant progress.

Regarding Samson Dauda, who defeated him at the 2023 Arnold Classic, Walker expressed skepticism about Dauda's chances of contending for the top spot at Mr. Olympia. Walker believed that either he or Derek Lunsford would be the ones accepting the first-place trophy.


In terms of his top five predictions for Mr. Olympia, Walker included himself, Hadi Choopan, Derek Lunsford, Samson Dauda, and Hunter Labrada. However, he pointed out that both Dauda and Labrada had weaknesses in their back development. Walker further expressed doubt about Big Ramy's future in the sport, although he acknowledged that Ramy could potentially take time off and return with improvements.


Walker also discussed Hunter Labrada's path to redemption, suggesting that Labrada would need to defeat newcomer Justin Shier to earn his spot on the Olympia stage. While acknowledging Labrada's weak back, Walker admired Labrada's determination to improve and believed he had time on his side.

When asked about Andrew Jacked, Walker did not believe he would surpass Dauda or place in the top five at the 2023 Olympia. Similarly, he did not see Michal Krizo performing better than 10th place. Walker also shared his opinion that Hadi Choopan was a one-hit-wonder and not a dominant titleholder like previous winners.


As the 2023 Olympia draws closer, preparations intensify for all competitors, including Nick Walker. With his candid assessments and predictions, Walker has sparked discussions about the potential outcomes of this year's highly anticipated Mr. Olympia competition.

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