Michael Chandler Reveals His Diet and Training Secrets for UFC Success

Nutrition and Supplementation: How Michael Chandler Maintains His Weight and Health. Michael Chandler's Training Camp: A Breakdown of His Eight-Week Routine

UFC superstar Michael Chandler recently gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at his diet and training routine. In a video uploaded on YouTube, Chandler showcased his fully-stocked fridge and home gym before detailing his preparations for the fight game.

Chandler ranked in the top five of the UFC lightweight division, has been a professional fighter since 2009. The former Bellator champion joined the UFC in 2020 and has already made a name for himself with impressive performances and exciting fights.

The video begins in Chandler's kitchen, where he shows off the contents of his fridge. The athlete emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, sharing that he always has meat, vegetables, and prepared meals on hand. He also explained his pre-fight nutrition plan, which involves sticking to high protein, high-fat foods and avoiding anything that might upset his stomach.

Chandler also revealed his love of protein shakes, which he makes with chocolate powder, frozen fruit, spirulina, and crushed nuts. He emphasized the importance of supplements in his diet, specifically multivitamins, micronutrients, and electrolytes.

The video then moves to Chandler's home gym, which he calls his "suffering sanctuary." The athlete trains in mixed martial arts daily, with a rigorous schedule including strength and conditioning work, explosive exercises, and MMA drilling. Chandler emphasizes the importance of lifting weights to avoid injury and also enjoys trail running when he's not in the gym.

Throughout the video, Chandler's passion for fitness and his sport shines through. He credits his success in the UFC to his rigorous training routine and strict diet and encourages others to focus on their health and well-being as well. "If I work hard in the kitchen – pull the right things out of my refrigerator and the right things in my body – that weight cut is going to be easier and my performance is going to be better," he says.

Fans of Chandler, as well as fitness enthusiasts in general, will find plenty of inspiration in the athlete's dedication and commitment to his craft. As he continues to climb the ranks in the UFC, it's clear that his hard work and discipline are paying off. 

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