Lou Ferrigno's Chest & Back Workout Routine Revealed

 Are you looking to level up your fitness? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gym-goer, you can learn a lot from bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno. In this blog post, we take a look at his famous workout split and how it might benefit you.

If you're looking to follow in the footsteps of some of the world's greatest bodybuilders, you'll want to check out Lou Ferrigno's workout split. Ferrigno is known for his incredible strength and size, and his workout routine is based on progressive resistance exercise. You'll find this workout split outlined below, and it's perfect for anyone looking to build muscle and strength like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, or Lou Ferrigno.

If you're new to bodybuilding, start with this basic 5-day dumbbell workout split. This plan is designed to teach you the basics of progressive resistance exercise, which is the foundation of successful bodybuilding. Once you've mastered this basic program, you can add in some of the more advanced routines recommended by Lou Ferrigno and otherworld-class bodybuilders. Can you handle training like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, or Lou Ferrigno? Let's find out!

Lou Ferrigno's Physical Stats

For those who are looking to replicate the impressive body of Lou Ferrigno, the retired Italian-American professional bodybuilder, there is no better starting point than his workout split. Ferrigno is known for his intense cardio and weight training routines, which are split into two phases. The first phase is focused on cardio and lasts for 40 minutes. The second phase is dedicated to weights and lasts for 30 minutes.

Ferrigno's workout routine includes a combination of machines and free weights. He uses 75 percent of his weights on machines while 25 percent is free weights. In addition to his classic exercises such as the bench press, squats, and deadlift, Ferrigno also incorporates high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into his routine. This type of training consists of short bursts of intense activity followed by a period of rest. HIIT is an effective way to burn more calories and increase endurance.

To fuel his body with a clean and strict diet, Ferrigno follows a Paleo diet. This diet consists of lean protein sources, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. In addition to eating a balanced diet, Ferrigno also supplements his meals with protein shakes and green tea.

By following Lou Ferrigno's workout split and supplemented diet, anyone can achieve the body of Lou Ferrigno.

Lou Ferrigno's Workout Tips

If you're looking to pack on some muscle like Lou Ferrigno, then you'll want to follow his workout split. Ferrigno shares that he works out 6 days a week, with Monday and Thursday devoted to the chest and back, Tuesday and Friday focusing on shoulders and arms, and Saturdays and Sundays reserved for cardio. He also recommends incorporating supersets into your routine to target multiple muscles at once and recommends training every day if possible to keep your body guessing. For an even more comprehensive workout, try out Ferrigno's 30 best training tips for gaining hulking size.

Day 1 – Chest & Back

On Monday, Lou Ferrigno followed a chest and back workout that included some of his favorite moves. The routine included sets of flat barbell bench presses and DB pullovers. If you're looking to imitate Lou's physique, this is the workout for you!

Day 2 – Legs

On Day 2 of Lou Ferrigno's workout split, legs are the focus. He does 5 sets of 10 reps of squats, leg extension, and leg curls, thigh. This is a moderate-to-hard workout for the legs. If you're looking to add some extra intensity to your leg workouts, you can try adding in some Skull crushers or weighted lunges for an added challenge.

Day 3 – Shoulders & Arms

On day 3 of Lou Ferrigno's shoulder and arm workout, the bodybuilder included a bench press into his routine. This is a great exercise to include in your shoulder and arm workout because it works both the front and the middle deltoids. You can perform this exercise with a barbell or with dumbbells.

To increase the intensity of this exercise, you can add weight to the barbell or dumbbells. If you are new to weightlifting, start with a lighter weight and increase the weight as you become more comfortable with the movement.

In addition to bench pressing, you can also perform other shoulder exercises on day 3 of Lou Ferrigno's workout. These exercises include lateral raises, rear deltoid raises, and military presses.

By following these three exercises and adding weight as you become more experienced, you will develop stronger shoulders and arms.

Day 4 – Cardio & Abs

On the final day of this muscle-building workout split, it is time for cardio and ab exercises! Ferrigno recommends starting with a 20-minute jog followed by 30 minutes of ab exercises. These exercises can be performed until you reach failure, which will help to increase your ab strength. For the cardio portion of the day, you can continue with your usual routine or try some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. This type of training is especially effective for fat burning, so you will see results in both the looks and the caloric intake department.

Day 5 – Rest

On Day 5 of his workout split, Lou Ferrigno took time to rest. After six consecutive days of training, this would allow him three days of rest each week. Aside from resting, Lou performed several exercises that target his chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

Tips for Gaining Hulking Size

If you're looking to gain hulking size like Lou Ferrigno, you'll need to follow a workout split that targets the largest muscles and several muscles together. To do this, you'll need to focus on the basic lifts--squat, bench press, and deadlift--and get stronger on these exercises. You can also use some of Ferrigno's favorite tips to gain size and strength. For example, squatting your way to size will help build your quadriceps.

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