Fans Suspect Steroid Use as Gordon Ryan Shares Eerie Post-Transformation Snap

 Gordon Ryan's Latest Social Media Post Triggers Fierce Debate on Steroid Use in Jiu-Jitsu.

Great news for grappling fans as Gordon Ryan, one of the top Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes in the world, shares a recent reverse body transformation. The grappler shocked fans by looking significantly downsized in recent posts, prompting discussion about using steroids in his routine. However, Ryan has responded to the criticism from fans, providing insight into the health challenges that caused him to drop weight.

Ryan, widely regarded as one of the greatest athletes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and arguably the most excellent no-gi grappler of all time, has been dealing with a stomach condition called gastroparesis for the majority of his career. Despite this, he has achieved unparalleled heights winning numerous championships including the coveted ADCC World Championship in the -88kg weight category in 2017.

Ryan's passion for grappling started in his teenage years when he began learning from fellow standout Garry Tonon and joined renowned coach John Danaher to improve his abilities. The group went on to achieve unprecedented success in the sport with Ryan leading the now-disbanded 'Danaher Death Squad.'

Besides his grappling talents, Ryan is known for his insanely jacked physique transformation. However, since the early days of his career, he has been dealing with stomach issues resulting from a fungal growth in his small intestine and a bacterial imbalance. Despite this, Ryan signed a deal with ONE Championship in 2021, although he did not get to compete under the banner due to gut issues.

Ryan's recent posts detailing the health issues that caused him to drop weight have prompted criticism from some fans, leading to discussions around the use of steroids in his regime. However, Ryan has responded by asking fans to be confident enough to post their worst and has shared his determination to get back to his shredded ways and prove doubters wrong.

It is clear that Gordon Ryan's determination and success in the sport speak for themselves, and fans can continue to follow his journey through his social media channels for further updates and insights.

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