Back Attack: Nick Walker Collaborates with Tristyn Lee and Jared Feather for Beastly Gains

Nick Walker Teams Up with Tristyn Lee and Jared Feather for Ultimate Back Workout.

Bodybuilding enthusiasts were pleased to witness an exciting partnership between Nick Walker, Tristyn Lee, and Jared Feather during a recent back training session. According to Fitness Volt, the trio tackled an intense workout session to build a thick back, implementing some effective exercises under the guidance of IFBB Pro coach, Matt Jansen.

During the session, Walker shared some valuable insights he had gained regarding training volume. As he prepares for the 2023 Olympia, he discussed his plan of action, stating that he had taken four days of rest after the Canada tour and two deload days before the training to ensure his body was fresh. He also mentioned his intention to ease his way up in training and progress each week as they moved along the course of their preparations.

The group started the session with a cable lat pullover to loosen up their back muscles before diving into heavier movements. Feather closely observed the duo's sufficient technique and range of motion as they progressed through different exercises. The trio then moved on to the Smith machine variation of bent over barbell rows, considered as the king of back building exercises.

Seated rows on the M-Torture plate-loaded machine came next, where the partners focused on moving slowly through the eccentric phase of the movement. The exercise targeted all the necessary back muscles and promised to be beneficial in improving upper body posture.

Overall, the session proved to be an excellent opportunity for bodybuilding enthusiasts to witness the passion and dedication shared by Nick Walker, Tristyn Lee, and Jared Feather toward their craft. With the Olympia ahead, Walker seems determined to give it his all and gain his well-deserved title.

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