Ronnie Coleman in Awe of Brian Shaw's 1,000 Pound Deadlift

Brian Shaw Continues To Impress Ronnie Coleman with His Strength. Ronnie Coleman Reacts To Brian Shaw's American Record

 Ronnie Coleman gained rapid recognition for his extreme commitment and hard work in the gym. Throughout his professional career, he sculpted an exceptional physique which earned him a spot among the top bodybuilders of all time. Despite retiring from the stage, Coleman still shares fitness advice and engages with his followers. Recently, he responded to impressive powerlifting performances from Brian Shaw.

Coleman achieved the highest level of success in bodybuilding in the year 1998 when he claimed his first Olympia championship. He held on to this title till 2005, winning eight times in total which equals Lee Haney's record. Post-retirement, he established a thriving social media platform primarily through his YouTube channel. In one of his recent videos, Coleman revealed some of his favorite poses that contributed to his victories on stage. 

Similar to Coleman, Brian Shaw achieved great success in the field of fitness. Shaw is considered one of the top Strongman competitors in history and demonstrated his prowess by emerging victorious at the World's Strongest Man competition on four occasions. However, in 2023, he participated in his last WSM event, ending his career in strength sports. Coleman had witnessed impressive displays of strength in the past, and on this particular occasion, he opted to observe Shaw effortlessly handle mind-boggling weights. 

Ronnie Coleman, who is experienced in lifting heavy weights, watched a video of Brian Shaw doing some impressive Strongman lifts, starting with a Tire Carry. Shaw is widely regarded as one of the strongest men ever, and Coleman was curious to see how he accomplishes these challenging lifts. 

The video footage continued to showcase Shaw engaging in weightlifting exercises such as crushing a 530-pound bench press and performing some huge deadlifts. These incredible feats featured a 1,091-pound lift, as well as a subsequent clip of Shaw working out with 980 pounds in yet another exercise. 

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