Natty or Juicing? The Truth About Simeon Panda's Muscles

 Have you ever heard of Simeon Panda? If you are a fitness enthusiast, you have likely come across his name. Simeon Panda is a British bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and fitness model who boasts a massive following on social media. Being a renowned name in the bodybuilding industry, many people wonder if he has achieved his physique naturally or with the help of steroids. In this blog post, we are going to delve into the debate of whether Simeon Panda is a natural bodybuilder or uses steroids. Let's explore this topic and find out the truth behind his incredible physique.

Simeon Panda's Physique

Simeon Panda, a professional natural bodybuilder and fitness model from London, has gained popularity in the fitness industry due to his incredibly aesthetic physique. He boasts a small 31-inch waist, shredded six-pack abs, and a very powerful torso. The combination of a wide back and small midsection has been considered the femur of bodybuilding for decades. Simeon Panda has become an inspiration to many who prefer a more aesthetic and natural look in bodybuilding as opposed to the grotesque physiques of current IFBB pro bodybuilders who abuse insulin and growth hormone.

Given his popularity, many people have been asking if Simeon Panda is a natural bodybuilder. Although a blood test would be the best way to determine this, the comparison method can be used to compare the physique of an individual to well-known users of anabolic steroids and growth hormones. According to the physical stats of Simeon Panda, he has a body fat percentage of no more than 7%, as seen in his detailed midsection and ripped lower back. Most professional fitness models stay between 5% and 7% body fat throughout the year to stay in shape for photo shoots and modeling events.

When comparing Simeon Panda to other bodybuilding icons who have used steroids, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Draper, it becomes evident that Simeon Panda is in the same class, if not bigger, in some departments. However, it is essential to note that each human being has unique genetics, and while Simeon Panda's physique may be rare, it is not impossible through training and nutrition. Simeon Panda has claimed to be a lifetime natural, and his muscles have earned him a Musclemania PRO card, competing alongside Ulisses and Chul Soon. Moreover, Simeon Panda has landed a sponsorship with supplement giant Myprotein.

Negative comments and accusations arise because Simeon Panda's measurements are huge for a natural bodybuilder, leading many to assume he is on steroids. However, this assumption is not necessarily true as many factors can contribute to body size and muscle mass. It is important to note that Musclemania drug tests can be easily beaten, as competitors know when they will be tested and can strategically plan their steroid use accordingly. Overall, Simeon Panda remains an inspiration to many in the fitness industry and continues to inspire others to achieve their aesthetic goals naturally. 

Accusations of Steroid Use

Simeon Panda, the English bodybuilder, has been making waves in the fitness world due to his impressive physique. He is known for having one of the most aesthetic and muscular physiques, with a huge upper body mass and an incredibly tiny waist. Despite claiming to be a lifetime natural bodybuilder, Simeon has been accused of using steroids. Jason Blaha and are among those who believe that he is using performance-enhancing drugs. However, it is important to note that accusations are based purely on the size of his muscles.

Greg Doucette, an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, steroid specialist, and fitness social media superstar, is another person who believes that Simeon is lying about being a natural bodybuilder. Doucette had a passionate rant about Simeon Panda not being natural, asserting that it only takes one quick look at him to see that he is not natural. Despite the allegations, Simeon has competed in natural bodybuilding shows and has never been caught using steroids. Thus, it is difficult to determine whether he is a natural bodybuilder or not.

Simeon Panda has a significant social media following, with around 8 million Instagram followers and over 25 million followers on his YouTube channel. He still actively participates in the fitness scene, frequently posting videos from his workouts, diet, and more on his social media pages. His incredible natural physique has led many to wonder how he can consistently pack on muscle week after week. The answer is simple: higher testosterone. Thus, many have speculated that he may be supplementing with performance-enhancing drugs to boost his testosterone levels.

In conclusion, while Simeon Panda's impressive physique has garnered both praise and criticism, it is difficult to determine whether he is a natural bodybuilder or using steroids. Despite accusations from various sources, he has not been caught using steroids and has competed in natural bodybuilding shows. Ultimately, only time will tell whether Simeon Panda will remain a lifetime natural bodybuilder or resort to using performance-enhancing drugs to enhance his physique. 

 Size vs Natural Status

Simeon Panda, the English bodybuilder with a massive upper body and tiny waist, has gained immense popularity for his aesthetic physique and claims to be a lifetime natural. However, some people speculate that his physique is not entirely natural due to his substantial measurements. While there is evidence suggesting that Simeon may be on steroids, not everything is true. Simeon Panda's size alone cannot be a conclusive piece of evidence to prove that he is using steroids.

Some critics believe that Simeon Panda is taking steroids because his weight is similar to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who admitted to using steroids in his prime. However, this belief is flawed, as Simeon's muscularity level is nowhere near that of Arnold's when he won Mr. Olympia. Arnold's arms were also an inch more significant than Simeon's, which made a massive visual difference as Arnold's lean muscle was denser. Furthermore, during Arnold's time, the sport of bodybuilding gained immense popularity, and it led to people with superior genetics participating in the sport, leading to larger bodybuilders.

Simeon Panda competes in Musclemania but passing the federation's drug test is not impossible. Bodybuilders can strategically plan when to stop using steroids and pass the test, as the testing occurs immediately after competitions. While some people argue that Simeon's fantastic physique is due to genetics, his body's composition is similar to that of Dave Draper, who has openly admitted to using steroids. This similarity suggests that Simeon might be using steroids, and his claims of being natural may not be valid.

While Simeon's physique is awe-inspiring, attributing his size to steroid use is misguided. Many factors dictate a person's body size, including genetics and hard work. Simeon's tremendous hard work, discipline, and dedication to his craft may be the reason for his massive physique. Until there is concrete proof to support the steroid accusation against Simeon Panda, the claim remains a myth. 

Easily Beatable Musclemania Drug Tests

 He claims that he is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, which has sparked accusations from some people who claim that he uses steroids. Panda competes in Musclemania, a bodybuilding federation where drug tests are performed post-competition. However, it does not guarantee that it is entirely foolproof and challenging to cheat. The drug tests performed by Musclemania are known to be easily beatable.

The simple reason behind this is that competitors are tested just right after their events. This allows athletes to strategically plan when to stop taking steroids precisely to pass the urinalysis test because they know the date beforehand. This lack of surprise leaves ample time for athletes to plan their medication and clean themselves before the testing process. Simeon Panda, a famous competitor, is among the participants who could have taken steroids and beat the drug test easily.

Bodybuilding analysts believe that the competition's lack of surprise drug tests is the federation's biggest flaw. These methods make it simpler for competitors to gain an advantage by consuming performance-enhancing drugs, thus tarnishing the federation's credibility. To compete fairly, all participants should be subjected to surprise drug tests where they have no time to plan, which would level the playing field for every athlete.

However, it is not just Musclemania that suffers from such drug testing flaws. Many amateur bodybuilding competitions commonly do not possess substantial funding, and therefore have lower-quality testing. The top natural competitions have some prize money and clout, which is why they have leading testing. But, unfortunately, smaller amateur competitions are not nearly as popular as enhanced bodybuilding shows, and as a result, the testing may not be of high quality.

In conclusion, Musclemania drug tests are easy to beat, making it possible for competitors to use performance-enhancing drugs and pass drug tests. Simeon Panda, one of the most popular competitors, has been accused of steroid use, but there is no concrete evidence supporting it. With the flaws in Musclemania's testing policy, it is hard to tell who the natural bodybuilders are in the competition. However, surprise drug tests would instill fairness into the competition and make it easier to separate natural bodybuilders from those who use steroids.

Simeon Panda's Measurements and Weight

Simeon Panda's rise to fame is largely due to his aesthetic physique which has earned him a Musclemania PRO card and a sponsorship with a supplement giant. His huge upper body mass combined with an incredibly tiny waist is what makes him stand out. But many people looking at his massive measurements might instantly assume he’s on steroids. Simeon's approximate measurements are 6’1” in height, 230 lbs in weight, 31-inch waist, 19-inch arms, 52-inch chest, 29-inch thighs, and 18-inch calves. These are huge measurements for a natural bodybuilder and this has led to accusations that he’s actually taking steroids.

Despite these accusations, there is evidence that Simeon Panda is not on steroids. Firstly, comparing him to Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a fair comparison because Arnold had a much larger and more muscular physique with 22-inch arms. Secondly, Simeon competes in the Musclemania Federation which is known for having easy-to-beat drug tests. However, the most convincing evidence that Simeon is a natural bodybuilder is comparing him to other well-known users of steroids and growth hormones. When compared to Dave Draper, a former IFBB pro from the era when steroids were legal and used openly, it becomes clear that Simeon is from the same class.

Furthermore, Simeon's physique is very detailed with a crisp and clean serratus anterior muscle, shredded spinal erectors, and a Christmas tree shape formed by his lower back. All of these indicate that his body fat is no more than 7 percent, which is consistent with most professional fitness models. Even though his measurements are huge, Simeon can maintain a lean physique throughout the year, which is why many people consider him to be one of the most aesthetic natural bodybuilders in the world.

Ultimately, while some people might still believe that Simeon is on steroids, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. His massive measurements and aesthetic physique are a testament to his dedication and hard work in the gym. Whether he is natural or not, Simeon Panda is an inspiration to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world. 

Body Fat Analysis

Simeon Panda has always been the subject of debate. One of the most contentious debates has been his body fat percentage and whether he is a natural bodybuilder or is using steroids. According to, the analysis conducted using the comparison method reveals that Simeon Panda is a genuine natural bodybuilder. This incredible bodybuilder maintains a body fat of around 7% which is commendable for both men and women.

Panda's impeccable physique is the result of his consistent hard work, dedication, and discipline. His lower back muscles are distinctly visible, forming a Christmas tree shape, which is only possible with a low body fat percentage. Moreover, the intricacy and detail of the serratus anterior muscle are crystal clear indicating his slim waist. Photographs of Panda prove that he has a very low body fat percentage throughout the year.

As an accomplished fitness model, Simeon Panda is in the same league as legendary bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Draper. However, unlike these two greats who reportedly used steroids, he has an even smaller waist. According to the comparison method, Simeon Panda is in the same category as these two legends, yet he is a genuine natural bodybuilder. This indicates that training and nutrition have now reached a level where natural bodybuilding is superior to steroid use.

This talented bodybuilder has built his reputation on the foundation of his natural physique. Simeon Panda's triumph over the competition is an endorsement of what can be achieved naturally. In addition, his personal dedication and unwavering commitment set an example that natural bodybuilding enthusiasts should strive to follow.

In conclusion, the debate on Simeon Panda's body fat percentage has been resolved with's analysis. He maintains an impressive body fat level throughout the year, which is the hallmark of a true natural bodybuilder. In an era where steroid use is widespread in the sport, Simeon Panda is an inspiration to aspiring bodybuilders who wish to achieve greatness without resorting to steroid use. Despite the negative comments and criticism, Simeon Panda's achievements speak for themselves. 

Existence of Genetic Gifts and Natural Talents

Many people are awestruck by his amazing proportions, huge arms, chest and back, slim waist, and big legs. He has one of the most aesthetic physiques in the world, and one of the reasons for his fame is his massive upper body mass combined with an incredibly thin waist.

Despite being in the fitness industry for years, Simeon has always claimed to be a natural bodybuilder. He has undergone polygraph and drug tests, which he has passed, to verify his natty status. However, his massive size and shredded physique have led many experts in the industry to believe that he is lying about being natural.

While some people argue that Simeon's incredible physique is the result of natural genetic gifts and natural talent, others claim that it's impossible to achieve his level of muscularity, size, and shredded physique without the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

There are, of course, those who believe that natural bodybuilding is possible, but it requires strict discipline, hard work, and dedication. It's an undeniable fact that not everyone can achieve the same level of muscularity, regardless of how hard they work. Some people simply have better genetics than others.

However, being a natural bodybuilder does not mean that one cannot take supplements. Simeon is known to have landed a sponsorship with a supplement company, which has helped him maintain his muscular physique.

Many young people look up to Simeon and believe what he says. If he is indeed lying about his natty status, he is selling a fantasy to young men who dream of looking like him without steroids. On the other hand, if he is natural, he is proving that human potential is greater than previously thought.

Regardless of whether Simeon is natural or not, he has worked hard for his physique and looks great. The fact that he has garnered such a massive fan following is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and discipline.

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