Liver King's Journey to a Natural Physique Continues with 120 Days Steroids-Free

 Liver King's Latest Physique Update Impresses Fans Despite Controversial Past. Liver King Shows Off Shredded Physique After 120 Days Steroids-Free

Liver King recently posted on Instagram to show off his remarkable physique progress, asserting that he has refrained from steroid use for the past 120 days. This post follows a scandalous exposure that Liver King, also known as Brian Johnson, had unlawfully claimed to have a natural physique. After private emails were made public, Johnson openly conceded to his use of anabolic substances.

Liver King's use of steroids was disclosed, and he promised to withdraw from them and become an authentic, natural bodybuilder. Having made this statement, he documented his progress in eliminating performance-enhancing drugs and shared updates on his build. The earlier posts were less insightful, owing to their proximity to his steroid consumption. Yet, his most recent report appears to offer a more detailed account of his physical transformation - approximately four months after ending steroid use. 

Liver King shared on Instagram a humorous post commemorating 120 days. The post and the written dialogue can be viewed below. 

Although his earlier deceit raises doubts about the fulfillment of his promise, his remark suggests that he is emphasizing the incentive that initially attracted him towards bodybuilding, which is the sense of accomplishment derived from putting in the dedicated effort. 

Numerous professional bodybuilders, athletes, and experts have asserted that taking steroids alone cannot transform one into a bodybuilder overnight. One must put in dedicated effort and hard work. Even though Liver King claims to have never used steroids, such a well-defined and muscular physique can only be achieved through sustained exertion. 

However, Johnson has since made a vow to truly come off steroids and has provided various updates on his journey. In his latest update, his physique still showcases impressive muscle mass and shredded abs. Despite his past deception, Johnson's comment implies that he is focusing on putting in hard work to attain his shredded physique. 

Liver King gained popularity for not only his physique but also his ancestral way of living and quickly gained over 2 million followers on Instagram. However, questions surrounding his natural status were raised and eventually led to the exposure of his steroid use. This led to a lawsuit filed against him for allegedly misleading consumers about the natural status of his supplements. Despite his past deception, it remains to be seen whether Johnson's claim of being 120 days off steroids is true or not.

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