Kali Muscle Sheds Light on Steroid Abuse in the Fitness Industry and Offers Advice for a Healthier Lifestyle

 Kali Muscle Shares Personal Experience with Steroids and Heart Health. Kali Muscle Reveals Effects of Steroid Use on Bodybuilding Career and Health

Kali Muscle, a former bodybuilder, recently opened up about his on-and-off steroid use for 13 years, admitting that he didn't stop until he suffered a heart attack in 2021. Kali had been using steroids to fine-tune his physique and achieve his goal of turning pro in 2010.

He has warned against the overall dangers of steroid use, citing his experiences with various substances such as Tren, Deca, Anadrol, Dbol, and insulin, which he claims can clog arteries, elevate blood pressure, and cause diabetic comas. 

Although he acknowledges that steroids positively impact some patients (such as AIDS and cancer patients), Kali urges everyone to keep up with their health by getting regular checkups and diagnostic tests, such as EKG and PET scans, to assess their cardiovascular health. 

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